May 19, 2024

4 Air Conditioner Blunders You Need To Avoid This Summer

Hot, humid, and sweaty- certainly the worst type of weather you can expect in summers to enjoy. Your situation deteriorates when you turn to your air conditioner for some relief, and all you find out is that it isn’t helping too. Or, even if it is helping, you know that the energy bill is going to dig holes in your wallet. Here are four common mistakes people make while using AC during summers and that they need to stop. Finding solutions to these problems can help you get faster cooling, greater comfort, and energy efficiency as well.

Installing a wrong sized AC unit

One of the most common mistakes people make is that buy a wrong size of the AC. All the AC units are manufactured for a specific amount of airspace, and if you buy an AC without any checking, your system might not be effective. You need to ensure that the AC you buy fits your room and is neither too big nor too small for you.

Opening the doors and windows very often

The AC unit generally pulls in all the warm air from your living room and is passed on through the refrigerant that cools the air and blows back into the room and the absorbed heat is excreted out through the back of the AC unit. This is the reason why the window units are supposed to be mounted in a closed window, and the central units are supposed to be installed outside of the house. Proper isolation of the air needs to take place to make the air conditioning happen. If you keep opening and closing the doors and windows very often when the AC is on, the heat expelled outcomes in again.

Keeping the Air Conditioner switched on for long

If you leave for office at 9 am every day and return around 7 pm, is it ideal to keep the AC switched on even when the ideal home temperature is constant at 72F? Is it going to benefit you in your electricity bills? Or, you need to keep it off and turn it back again when you return home? It is a common misconception that people believe that keeping it on is a better idea, but the second option is way better as it uses less energy and saves you lot more for commercial aircon bill and repairs

Ignoring to change the AC filters

It doesn’t matter how clean your room is; dirt particles are floating in the air that the AC sucks in a while operating. To prevent these particles from entering the AC and creating internal problems, the AC units are provided with the filters. Keeping the AC filters clean and Aircon Service Brisbane provides you efficiency in work or talk to air conditioning installation brisbane service providers.