December 9, 2023

5 Common Refrigerator Problems Everyone Should Know

Trying to figure out what is wrong with your fridge? Don’t worry, this article will help you!

Refrigerators are a necessary appliance in your home, and when it stops working properly it’s not only incredibly inconvenient but also costly.

Keep reading to find out the common refrigerator problems and possible ways to fix them yourself before calling in professional help.

1. The Fridge Is Freezing My Food

This issue has to do with the temperature control thermostat and the connection with the temperature control board. This might mean your thermostat and/or board are defective.

If you turn the temperature dial to the highest setting and don’t hear a click, you might be to replace the control board or thermostat connection. Another way to test connectivity requires the help of an appliance technician to perform a multimeter test or you can complete it yourself for your refrigerator problems.

2. The Fridge Isn’t Cooling Properly

The rule of thumb for fridge temperatures is to stay between 37 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find warm air coming out of your fridge when you open it there’s a problem.

Firstly check that the thermostat is set to the right temperature in your fridge. If your fridge is digital, this also is a double-check that your fridge has power. If it isn’t digital, make sure it’s plugged in and working.

Secondly, check that the air vents inside the fridge aren’t blocked and that that coils in the back or under the fridge don’t need a vacuum cleanup. If neither of these work, you could have an issue with the condensation or evaporation fan.

3. The Freezer Is Frosting

Freezer frost happens as fridges age, if yours isn’t old then you’ll need to check the door seal to see if any air is coming in. If your door seal is fine, this could be an issue with the defrost sensor.

These are refrigerator problems an appliance technician can determine for you.

4. The Ice Maker Isn’t Working

Before checking anything, make sure the water supply is turned off.

Check the hose leading to the fridge for damage and if anything is stuck in it. Then check that any valves and connectors are in proper order leading into your fridge. If all of these are in working order, you might have something broken in the ice-making process or need to replace your refrigerator water filters.

5. The Fridge Was Moved, Now It Doesn’t Work

Did you place your fridge laying down? If so, the lubricant shifted into the cooling pipes and if you’ve turned it on, it probably won’t work again because the compressors damaged.

This is one of the easiest refrigerator problems to fix by keeping your fridge upright at all times. If you have to transport it laying down, let it sit back upright overnight before plugging it in.

Tackling Your Refrigerator Problems

You don’t think about refrigerator problems until they happen and you’re stuck not knowing what to do. Now you won’t have to! Remember these quick troubleshooting tips because it will help save you money instead of calling a technician for a house call.

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