April 24, 2024

Activities You Should Prioritize in 2023

It is a new year, so it only makes sense that many people are thinking about what they would like to achieve over the next 12 months.

Bucket lists appear to be more of a thing than resolutions, and plenty of people already have an idea about how they want to spend their time!

If you are not sure what you want to be doing or what could be beneficial, then this piece is going to run by a few options that should keep you happy and healthy in 2023.

Let’s get into it!

Working Out

You have heard it all before – working out is essential to good health and a happy life. What they don’t tell you very often is that you do not need an expensive membership for the gym or have to buy a Peloton to achieve the benefits.

In fact, there is not much point in choosing something you are not likely to stick to, as that will just cost money, cause frustration, and make you feel let down. The key for this year is to move your body in a way that is fun for you.

There are many different options available now that you are spoilt for choice. Hula hooping, rebounding, dance of many varieties, digital exercise games, strut walk workouts, and Pilates are just a few of the recent exercise trends that can get your heart rate up and your muscles working.

It is crucial that as you get older, you focus on your cardiovascular health and building muscle so that later in life, you are still able to be mobile and enjoy a good quality of life.


Massage is often seen as a luxury, but really it should be an essential. It is a great way to take care of both body and mind in one go and can really aid good health.

There are a variety of different massages you can choose from, from deep tissue massage, hydrothermal massage, pregnancy massage, or hot stone, to name a few. They all have different benefits, so enquire to find out which massage treatment in Abingdon is right for you.

When you need to unwind, swap out a bottle of wine for a massage when you can, and your body will thank you.


Self-love looks different for everyone, but as a rule, it should be good for you, healthy, and improve your quality of life. The movement to spend more time looking after yourself and making sure you feel good and you are happy is taking precedence over pretending you are and hoping everything will pay off in the end.

There is only one life for everyone, and in the time that is spent working extra shifts to burn out or berating one’s self for not being able to do more or be more, they are missing the joy of what they are, what they can do and looking after themselves.

These three activities are essential for 2023 and will give you a massive boost!