July 18, 2024

Are you interested in buying Vastu-compliant properties?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and people design their homes following the guidelines to enhance positive energy. Your house can become your home; for which it needs right kind of energy.

In today’s real estate market, Vastu-compliant properties have become a rage. It has become a major deciding factor for buying a home – a prime criterion. Anything that ensures prosperity and happiness is grabbing the attention of the buyers in Kolkata.

Properties are being planned and designed after consulting with vastu experts only – which direction should the entrance of the property be, layouts of the flats and so on. It is a belief that residing on a vastu compliant flat will bring lots of positive energy and well being for the owner.

Developers are developing flats in Rajarhat, New Town, Salt Lake, or in South Kolkata like – Tollygunge, New Garia, Narendrapur and many other towns as per vastu shastra. Investors looking for owning a flat in this city of joy are interested mostly in those apartments built as per the Vastu Shastra. If you want to buy properties or flats in your desired location, following are the Vastu tips which you need to follow:

  1. It is believed that a residential building must be constructed on a square or rectangular plot without having slope downwards. Hexagon or triangle plots are not recommendable by Vastu. So, choose your residence accordingly.
  • Before choosing a plot for residential construction, the open space available on the plot should be examined carefully. Water bodies like ponds should not be there in the south/west direction. But, a river/pond/canal/lake is preferable in the north/east directions.
  • The entrance of the flat or the main door should face north/east/north-east direction
  • North direction should not be blocked
  • Worship or meditation room must be in north or east or the north-east corner of the house.
  • Bedroom should be south-west direction
  • Children room in the north-west direction
  • Kitchen must be designed in south-east or north-west direction
  • Washroom in the north-west direction
  • Living room must be made in north/north-east/east direction

and so on. The builders are quite aware of the people who are interested in vastu-complaint properties and the buildings are constructed accordingly.

Important Consideration for Buying a Property as per Vastu:

  • Opt for a new house. Stripped of any history or record, a new home brings in new hopes, making it an optimal choice.  However, if you are on budget, a pre-owned home can be an option. Still, it is advisable to buy one from someone who is moving into a bigger house, got a grand success and is moving to a royal area.
  • Refrain from buying a house from a divorce, a bankrupt or someone suffering from serious illness. Buying a property such as this can mean that you are buying those problems too. Maybe, there is something wrong about the property. Maybe, landscape on which the property is located is problematic. Stay away from dealing in such purchase.
  • When moving into a house someone has occupied before as opposed to a new house, it is mandatory to nullify the energies of the previous occupant. This can be done by means of cleaning, painting and replacing carpets. Or if you wish, you can engage experts to have the energies cleared. By doing so, you can eliminate the chances of bad luck lurking upon your property.

Are You Interested in Vastu Compliant Property?

If you are one of those looking to buy vastu compliant property, it is important for you to check out a few more aspects both internal and external.

Internal Story:

As for the inside story goes, make sure bedrooms are not over the kitchen. There should be no bedrooms over a dining area or kitchen either. Seek the guidance of Vastu experts with regard to the internal layout of the house like kitchen placement, seating and bed arrangement, the location of the toilets, etc.

Don’t buy a property having irregular shapes. This creates a missing corner and missing direction. Whether it is Kolkata or Rajarhat, or any adjacent areas, the guideline is same for everywhere. Make sure that you buy a regular shaped home or plot.

External Story:

Be mindful about the external aspects as well. Remember, if there is a tree too close to the house, it is not a good sign. Have it removed with the help of experts.

Buying a home with the road ending at a straight line to the house is not a good idea. Even T junction road is highly ominous as per Vastu guide. This can be rectified with the pyramids or plants.

Having a property facing open land or having a wide open area in north or east is really good for occupants. If you are interested in buying residential flats in Kolkata and other areas nearby Rajarhat, be sure to opt for such property. This brings unlimited joy, happiness and success in the business and job.