April 24, 2024

Banish Stress with These Top Tips

Stress affects even the calmest and most composed of people, and around the winter period, things can feel like they are getting on top of you much more than when the sun is shining!

Everything is cold and icy, people are in a hurry, Christmas needs to be prepared for, and everyone is doing their best to avoid a winter cold or flu.

That being said, you do not have to deal with the stress that comes with this part of the year, and there are some ways you can help banish or manage any that finds you.

This piece is going to take a look at some top tips for you to keep stress at bay so you can stay calm and relaxed this season.

Tip 1 – Stay Moving

When stressed, it can be easy to want to curl up in a ball and not face the outside world. In some cases, this is exactly what you will need to do to feel better – there is nothing wrong with that! However, for prolonged amounts of stress, it is best to find another way to manage it. Exercising and keeping your body moving can not only shake off excess stress, but it can also increase your feel-good hormones, which can not only help put you in a better mood but also help you cope better when you might not be so jovial.

Exercise classes or anything that gets your heart rate up is the best thing to do. So, if the idea of the gym makes you more anxious than you felt before, there is no need to go! Take a brisk walk around a park, dance to a couple of your favorite songs around the house, wrestle and run around with a puppy – it all counts!

Tip 2 – Take Some You Time

It is always important to make time for yourself, but if you are feeling particularly stressed out, it is crucial that you do not skip out on rest. Stress is bad for the body, and it can build up to intolerable amounts that affect your health, so having somewhere you can go and relax is essential.

If you are able to, create a room or a space in a room that is your own personal safe haven. Include items that can relax you, such as a weighted blanket, focus on soft lights, which you can buy from any electrical supply shop, and get yourself a comfy chair that you can relax in. 

Tip – 3 Remember You Can Say No

Saying no is perhaps both the easiest and hardest tip to abide by. When people stretch themselves too thin, they open themselves up to unnecessary and often damaging stress, and by saying no, they can reclaim their power back. You don’t have to go to your work’s Christmas party if it is going to leave you feeling burnt out the next day, and you don’t have to have people over on Boxing Day if you just want to sleep. Learn to say no for yourself when you need to!