May 19, 2024

Benefits of Hosting Live Webinars

When you are generating revenue for your online course, you can scale it up through live webinars. If you are using online course platforms like Spayee, you can schedule or host your live webinars. You can either use in-built live or use third party integrations like Zoom.

Here is a step by step process of selling an online course by hosting live webinars.

1. Build Your Email List

Webinars are one of the best ways to build your email list because people do provide their email addresses while signing up for a webinar. This gives you an opportunity to communicate with them directly & regularly follow up. You should create an email sequence for before, after & during the launch of a webinar. Regardless of whether someone attends it or not, you have to keep up with the communication.

2. Attract qualified leads for your business

Anyone who is interested in your live webinars is most likely interested in a subject. That means it’s quite possible that they are a qualified lead. If someone has signed up to devote a free hour’s time into your webinar, its safe to assume that they are serious. There are a very few people who would be willing to sign up for something that they are not seriously interested in.

3. Connect with your audience

Hosting a live webinar is the chance for you to connect with your audience by interacting in real-time. By the end of your session, keep a Q&A session. Here, you will be able to answer the questions that your audience have doubts about. Asking in real-time will also give them the confidence in you. You would be able to build trust & learn more about the needs, as well as, concerns of your audience.

4. You don’t have to be technically savvy

You absolutely don’t need to be all tech savvy to host a live webinar. You can host a live webinar successfully by choosing the right tools. There are many in the market. You can choose something as easy as Zoom to host your webinar. However, if you want your online course platform & live webinars to go hand in hand, you can choose Spayee. 

5. Keep costs low

Webinars are essentially the equivalent of physical seminars. The difference being, they are hosted on a virtual platform & not on an online platform. That means, whoever is attending your event doesn’t have to spend a dime on traveling or staying. It saves cost for both the parties & hence it’s quite cheaper than physical events.

6. Educate before you sell

In order to sell online courses or services to someone, you have to provide massive free value. Then only you come to a position of asking them for the sale upfront. Then they are more inclined to reciprocate & do trust in you.

Webinars have massive potential. You can share free live content with your audience for free before introducing your online course to them. Not everyone who attends is going to purchase your course. However, they will be able to attend the webinar & learn from the free training.

Your Webinar Registration Page and Thank You Page

Before you begin to promote your webinar, you require a Registration Page or a landing page where the people  visit. This page explains all about your webinar. It’s highly influential to people who are visiting your page & are skeptical about buying.After the sales page, create a Thank You page which sends them a Confirmation & also upsells at times.

All the pointers aren’t as tedious as it sounds. Just begin with one webinar with a few people & keep improvising!