April 24, 2024

Best Decking to Suit the Australian Climate

Australia is a country that has different climate areas. There are desert, wet, near tropical and temperate areas scattered around the country. When you are in the market to purchase or build a deck at your home, you need to take into the climate where you live in order to select the ideal decking material for your deck.

Here is a look at the most popular types of woods used for decking and insight as to whether it is a good choice for your deck at your Australian home. 

Treated Pine Decking

Treated Pine is a softwood that offers many great benefits when used as decking. Treated pine timber is safe, long-lasting, and has one of the lowest costs of any decking material. Treated pine was manufactured for uses such as decks and as a result, it can be an ideal material for you. 

Treated pine is widely available in Australia year-round and is great for all climates because of its low moisture content, it absorbs less heat, and durability under all weather conditions. The wood can be stained, painted, or varnished and it is maintenance-free. However, it should be sealed in order to protect it from fungus and insects. 

Treated pine decks will last ten to fifteen years and with such a low cost of ownership including low timber prices and maintenance, it is hard to beat.

Merbau Decking

Merbau timber is identified by its lovely orange golden-brown colour and contrasting sapwood in soft yellow to ivory white. This beautiful wood is an ideal timber decking choice no matter where you live in Australia because of its durability. Merbau is an oily wood and when it is stained, if there is heavy rain, it can bleed some of the stains onto anything near the deck. Merbau decks will last more than fifteen years and give great service. 

Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum is a hardwood that comes in a variety of colours. This wood is difficult to burn so it is ideal if you live in an area that is prone to bushfires. Since it is a hardwood, there is little shrinking or expanding which makes it a good wood for decks located in rainy areas as well. 

Teak Decking

For the near-tropical areas in Australia Teak is an excellent choice. It is a beautiful darer wood that looks very elegant. Teak is great at repelling fungus and insects because the wood contains a lot of sap that protects it from these pests. Teak is not the most durable wood and can show wear and tear after a few years of heavy use. So if you have a big family that will use the deck a lot, steer away from Teak. That makes this timber especially useful if your deck is above ground and exposed to these threats. Teak is expensive so a large deck will set you back a bit financially.

Blackbutt Decking

Blackbutt is another great hardwood decking option. The wood is fire resistant and comes in a good range of colours and hues varying from yellowish-brown to a light brown. The wood is loved because of its even texture allowing it to create beautiful looking decks. Blackbutt is a fast-growing former wood making it great for the environment for those interested in saving the forests. The wood is very durable and strong and is good for nearly all of Australia’s climates.

Check timber prices before you decide on a type of wood because this might greatly influence which wood you choose.