May 24, 2022

Choosing the Layout and Materials for Kitchen Cabinets in a Remodeling Project

Getting ready for kitchen remodeling is exciting. The homeowners have spent several years imagining what an ideal kitchen in the house would be like, and now it’s time to make that dream into reality. One of the major points will be having the old cabinetry removed and new kitchen cabinets installed. They must consider the materials, color, and placement for a kitchen that is beautiful and more functional than ever.

Floor Plan

A common floor plan for kitchen cabinets has cupboards around the base of the room with countertops and at least one sink above. There are spaces for appliances. Wall cabinets leave spaces for the refrigerator, stove, ventilation, and windows. A built-in oven also may take the place of a wall cabinet.

The kitchen cabinets layout should be designed so the most-used items are near the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The sink and the countertop most commonly used for meal preparation can be considered the center of the work layout.

Cupboards to the Ceiling

Kitchen remodeling professionals often recommend having wall cabinets that go to the ceiling instead of leaving a space above the top of the cabinets. Although that space can be used for decorative purposes, dust is an ongoing issue. In addition, dust in kitchens tends to be a bit oily. That can be verified just by dusting the top of the refrigerator.

A convenient solution is to have smaller cabinets along the top that store seldom-used items. Keeping a sturdy footstool or short aluminum stepladder in the kitchen makes it convenient to get those items when needed. For safety reasons, heavier cookware should go in base cabinets. That’s where large crock pots and bread machines belong, for example.


For quality kitchen cabinets Chicago, plywood should be chosen for the interior box instead of the cheaper particleboard. Homeowners can choose from a broad range of woods for the doors and exterior walls. Some of the most popular woods for kitchen cabinets include cherry, black walnut, red oak, and maple. The grain patterns, as well as the natural colors of these species, help customers decide which would look best in their remodeled kitchen.


Homeowners also can buy kitchen countertops as well as cabinetry from a supplier such as Cabinets City. Stone countertops are always in favor, as they add elegance to a kitchen and are available in an enormous range of colors and patterns. Customers can choose from granite, marble, and quartz, each of which has its own particular advantages.