July 18, 2024

Common Garage Door Repair Problems and How to Fix Them

Is your garage door acting up? Has it stopped working completely? Contrary to common belief, some of the garage door problems can be easily fixed by any ordinary individual. Before you call the experts, go over the root cause of the issue and find out whether you can do something about it. Here, we have listed down 5 common garage door problems and simple ways to fix them.

  • Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open Completely

Perhaps the most common garage door issue among homeowners is the door opening halfway. It gets them into a panic mode, especially when they need to step out in haste. However, if this happens to you, take a deep breath and check your up-limit switch. Is it positioned too far from the motor unit? If it is, you might need to move it closer to the motor. Alternatively, check for damaged and balky rollers and replace or lubricate accordingly.

  • A Noisy Door

Whether it is the presence of squeaky sections, shabby parts, or loose hardware, a noisy garage door can be really aggravating. Fortunately, lubrication can eliminate the problem completely. If you notice your door has an unusual noise, apply some lubricant on the squeaky part.

  • A Non-Functional Wall Switch

Wall switch malfunctions often stem from power supply problems. If this ever happens to you, inspect your fuses and breakers and find out if any of them are broken, tripped or burnt out. If this is so, you might want to have them replaced or reset. If there are no issues here, check the power in your motor unit. If it is burnt out, plan for its replacement or repair.

  • A Motor That Won’t Stop Running Even After The Door Has Closed

Ideally, once the garage door has closed all the way, the motor should stop running.  If you find that it keeps running, it may translate an issue in your entire system. Like the first problem above, this is a depiction of the wrong positioning of your up-limit switch. The best way to fix it is to move the switch to a good distance from the motor.

  • The Remote Doesn’t Work

If your garage door remote opener isn’t working, it could be that you are out of range. In this case, simply move closer, press the button and see if it works. If that isn’t really the issue, try and open the door using the wall switch. If it does open, your remote may have problems of its own including depleted batteries and other major issues. Try replacing the batteries and if that doesn’t resolve the issue, replace the remote altogether.

  • The Door Won’t Open During Winter

During winter, a garage door may refuse to open due to stiff rollers and problems with the motor sensitivity. The best course of action is to lubricate the roller and adjust the motor sensitivity respectively.

As you can see, some of the common garage door problems can be easily fixed by anyone. The next time you face issues with your garage door, don’t be in a rush to call the experts. Identify its root cause and try and fix it on your own.