December 7, 2022

Complete Your Kitchen Design with Glass Tile Liner Bars

It is important when you are finishing off your kitchen remodel that you pay attention to the little details to give your kitchen that wow factor. A great way to add some style to your kitchen backsplash tile design is to make use of glass liner bars.

Some backsplashes look a bit bland on their own, and by adding glass liner bars, you can really give your kitchen or bathroom that premium look. Even the most basic of backsplashes can be brought to life with these liner bars.

There are plenty of liner bars to choose from. We’d recommend that you use these liner bars as a way to add accents to a traditional backsplash. They are also excellent for adding new and interesting textures to your design. Don’t be worried that the glass liner bars are made of a strong and thick material. They are carefully designed to look smooth and shiny to ensure that they don’t look out of place in your kitchen.

In terms of colors to use, you could select a color which has earthy tones for a reserved, classy look, with a nod back to a traditional look. Another idea is to choose colors that really make a statement such as bright reds to give your design a vibrant and different look.

There are also a number of different designs of these bars, so you don’t need to select a style that is shaped like a bar. It is possible to go with styles such as cornice, flat or even woodhouse, and you may wish to select the height and width of the bars, as well as length, to ensure the bars are a good fit for your look.

If you have a little more money to spend, there is the option to buy handcrafted glass liner bars, which give a more premium finish to your kitchen. They are great for adding visual appeal and new textures to your look. The handcrafted glass liner bars will look great when installed with a glass backsplash tile design.

You will notice that liner bars are sold by the box and the prices will vary from $2 to upwards of $20 for some designs. The prices will also depend on the color, size and dimensions that you are looking for. We are confident you will find liner bars that match your style and budget.

If you are looking to install a backsplash into your new kitchen, make sure you consider tiler bars! Head over to Belk Tile for more ideas.