December 3, 2021

Crestron – 21st Century Luxurious Technology For Your Home

Crestron home automation technology has been causing a stir in recent months with its ground-breaking home automation products. Crestron are thought to be the most well-known company and for good reason. Their technology really pushes the barrier of human technological advancement. One of the main advantages of Crestron is the system’s ability to streamline all of the different technologies that you are interested in and put them all into one smart device.

Crestron have been in business for just over 50 years and their technology can be found in the luxurious homes of celebrities, CEOs and business professionals, but over the last few months, their systems are beginning to be more commonly seen in the homes of normal families up and down the country. These early adopters appreciate the benefit these systems can offer their home life and have given rave reviews of their products.

What these people have found when installing the system for the first time is that it is great for automating things such as inside and outside lighting, audio/visual systems and security. This allows you to enjoy your home in safety and comfort. All of these elements can be integrated allowing you to control every aspect of your home from one smart device.

With regards to the lighting, we found the Crestron Light Control System to be innovative and fit for purpose. We feel that the automatic control of the lighting is an integral part of any passive security system, as it acts as a great way to prevent any intruders from accessing your property. Crestron Lighting does this very well. This lighting control system can be extended to be switched on when movement is detected outside your property. It is possible to use video cameras to record any movement that is detected to add another layer of security to your home.

Crestron are also excellent for their home cinema systems. Making use of their audio and visual equipment, with a high definition projector, makes watching TV and films a real pleasure. We are sure you can appreciate why Crestron can add a luxurious element to your home.

For more information on how Crestron home automation products can benefit your home, we’d recommend you speak with Custom Controls, who are the UK’s most widely known home automation installation specialists.