May 24, 2022

Curtains and Blinds – An Overview

The accessories that elevate the look of your home are blinds and curtains. Curtains and blinds are the extra mile you go to make your home look ever more perfect which we would not hesitate to travel. They are one of the final touches you need to enhance the look of your home. There are different kinds of blinds that you could decorate your home with.


Venetian blinds- One kind of blinds at wallpaper singapore is venetian. These are different types of venetian blinds that you could use to decorate your home. These blinds are made up of slats and can be opened and closed with a pulley system. The slats are placed such that when completely opened they block the sun out but not to complete darkness, keeping the room cool. They are usually made of thin materials, aluminum and even cloth. They make the room look cozier and homely.

Roller blinds- These blinds are made of stiffened fabric that can be pulled down or kept up with a pulley system. The fabric rolls over a rod of aluminum or other metal. Developing technology has gotten us more option that before. The normal blackout blinds that have been used since a long time come in a lot more styles and colors. There are blinds that filter out light and those which are called sunscreen rollers that block UV rays. Such variety and designs make these blinds attractive to have.

Korean blinds- Also called the Combi blinds, these were invented in Korea like the name suggests. These blinds are perfect for professional or home a home setup. These blinds also work with the same mechanism. These blinds have horizontal vanes and now come in such new and exciting designs are wallpaper signapore that it is extremely alluring for you to have.

These blinds break the monotony, experiments with colors and shapes in such a way that they better the look of your home.


The curtains at wallpaper singapore uses exceptional material and beautiful designs to make your rooms prettier. The curtains are of two main kinds, day and night curtains

Day curtains- These curtains are mostly lightweight and have a brighter palette. They create a smooth and opaque air in the room that is perfect to place in the living room and kitchen. They do not block out light completely which makes it suitable for draping in such rooms.

Night Curtains- Contrasting to light ones, these curtains use darker colors and look heavier than the day curtains. They are suitable for bedrooms or movie rooms and such as they block out most amount of light and keep the room relatively darker than the day curtains. They create an almost night time effect in the rooms.

To choose the perfect curtain for your rooms, you need to first realize the purpose that wants it to serve. Would you want a curtain that makes it look attractive for visitor, velvety drapes that give a royal look for a major occasion or something darker and cozy for a private party is your choice. No matter what the need, the wide variety of curtains is sure to satisfy it.