July 18, 2024

Hillandale Farms Teaches Egg Production Houses The Value Of Sustainability

Farming comes with a romantic notion. However, many don’t know that farming has a negative effect on the environment. From increasing carbon footprint to greenhouse gas emissions unsustainable farming can cause these all. In fact, unsustainable farming has caused a lot of damage to nature. To prevent nature damage, many farms have taken the strict measure. These farms have changed their farming method and adhered to sustainable farming. Hillandale Farms is one of the farms which follow sustainable farming with strict resolution. 

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – A History Of Sustainability

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is one of the largest egg production companies. Hillandale started as an egg reselling company. Its’ founder Orland Bethel was so overwhelmed by farming that he bought land to start his egg business. In the beginning, Hillandale focused on egg selling. But with time the farm started to grow. With its growth came expansion. Orland expanded his company to West Virginia. Then he focused on Pittsburgh. It was after starting a farm in Florida, Hillandale finally moved towards chicken raising business. 

Since its inception, Hillandale has focused on sustainable farming. The farm teaches that when someone gives back to nature, nature also gives back to the person. Following Orland Bethel’s objective of environment-friendly farming, Hillandale has grown significantly in the past few years. What started as an egg-selling company in the past, now raises almost 20 million chickens. In addition, Hillandale also has succeeded in making its reputation of being a high-quality egg manufacturer. 

Hillandale Farms On Benefits Of Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming is one of the key qualities of Hillandale which makes it stand out from the others. To prevent nature damage, they have implemented a great many methods. Water treatment is one of the methods that this company follows strictly. They use less water to prevent resource wastage. They have a unique way of washing their eggs. They reuse water to wash eggs. However, before reusing Hillandale purifies the water. This prevents water wastage. Also, Hillandale uses solar power systems to reduce electricity consumption.

Hillandale Farms Explains The Benefits Of Sustainable Farming

Those who are a little puzzled about the value of sustainable farming need to know that sustainable farming has a plethora of benefits. People of Hillandale Farms explain that when a farm decides to implement this type of farming process, it creates a path to reduce pollution. Today’s world is plagued by polluted air and contaminated soil. Only sustainable farming can prevent this type of problem from expanding. Farming increases water contamination, soil contamination, and at some level air pollution. For this reason, Orland Bethel decided to create a farm that stands against these policies. 

Most don’t know that sustainable farming improves food quality and increases production. Hillandale has succeeded in growing from an egg reselling farm to a large egg production company in just a few years. Of course, everyone has worked hard to make this possible. Sustainable farming, however, has played a significant role in the growth of Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. Due to this reason, Kevin Jackson the recently hired CEO of the company has assured that the farm will carry forward this legacy.