December 7, 2022

How much does it cost to repair an old couch?

Prices and options

Frequently there is a question about the cost to set an old sofa. Is it worthwhile repairing it? Is it better to recover it or to buy another new one?

There are several elements that can help us to take this difficult decision.

For instance, if  we want to replace the couch cover because a lot of time has passed, we have to consider that years probably have not only caused damage to the upholstery but to the seat padding or the backrest padding too, therefore also the frame of the couch could be ruined over time.

At this point the question is : how much does it cost me to fix the sofa?

Let’s start with the cost of the fabric for the lining only. You have to calculate that on average a 3-seater sofa needs about 11-13 yards of fabric to be covered . A fabric good enough to buy and supplied directly by your upholsterer of trust (an advice for you since the upholsterers will charge an over-price to the final cost if the fabric is not purchased in their store) can fluctuate from $ 30 to $ 40 per yard. From here you can calculate the cost of the fabric yourself.

Now let’s move on to the costs of the padding of back and seat cushions.

The price for each padding with a standard foam size for regular use that can last for at least 5 years is around $ 55/60. Following the previous example of a 3-seater sofa all 6 paddings should be changed (3 paddings of seat cushions + 3 paddings of back cushions) Making an approximate calculation the price for the pads only is about $ 330.

Review of the sofa structure.

If the internal structure of the sofa is seriously damaged you should proceed directly to the purchase of a new couch. At this point an essential control to make is to check the tension of elastic webbing, especially those under the seat cushions. If these are not tight enough, it is always advisable to change them. This operation usually costs $ 100.

Upholstery Labor price

The cost of labor is influenced by several factors and depends very much on which custom upholstery shop you will turn to, what kind of sofa you want to repair and also in which area you live. For example, a custom upholstery shop in New York City has prices higher than a shop located in Jackson in the state of Mississippi.

Anyway in most of the USA it is possible to make an average estimate for labor alone.

The only labor to remake a modern 3-seater sofa made of Plain Style with Plain Back so without skirt, edge and other measures costs about $ 600.

By making a fairly accurate calculation for a good reupholstering job it is therefore possible to fix your old sofa at a cost not less than 1250 / $ 1300.

Custom slipcovers: a possible alternative to upholstery

If the upholstery of your sofa is still good but anyway the fabric is now worn-out or irremediably dirty you can opt for a custom slipcover.

Slipcovers have always been very used by us Americans and so it is very simple to find a custom upholstery shop that also offers this service.

But we were talking about an alternative to the upholstery that will not make you pay a minimum $ 900 for a slipcover.

A practical and concrete alternative to the custom upholstery shop you could take into consideration is Coverissimo which proposes handmade slipcovers for sofas and armchairs.

Through their online shop are  offered custom slipcovers for any model of chair or couch, from the most modern sectional curved and adjustable with headrest to classic furniture camel backs.

Their system is very easy, just send photos of your sofa taken from different angles and receive a quote. Once accepted the quote you will receive a personalized measure guide made with the photos you sent so you will be sure to take the right measurements to your furniture in order to have a cover that guarantees a perfect fitting.

Following their instructions, we sent the photos of our Henry by West Elm sofa composed of 3 back cushions and 3 seat cushions and the price they proposed us was 260 $. Really not bad as an alternative to the classic custom upholstery shop.