July 18, 2024

How to Boost Creativity While Working from Home

Working from home is seen as a luxury for many. Not having to face commuter traffic in the freezing cold and ice, avoiding dealing with the queue for the microwave in the work kitchen at lunch, and not forgetting the extra half an hour you can have in bed in the morning all can make the workday a little easier to bear.

That being said, when you are not with your colleagues, it can be much more difficult to bounce ideas off of one another, and if you are at home for the whole day by yourself, it can be a little more difficult to draw inspiration from your environment.

That being said, it is not impossible! Learn more about how you can boost your creativity while working from home.

Indulge in A Change of Scenery

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when you are looking at the same thing day in and day out and do not have access to a regular change of scenery or others to chat with. However, because you are working from home, you might have a lot more freedom to take your laptop somewhere else or grab a coffee with your friend when you want to. This little change of scenery could inspire big moments of creativity that can get you into a different frame of mind or allow you to see something from a different perspective.

Whenever you start to feel blocked, head out to work outside (if it is warm enough!), or even another room in the house can help freshen things up a little.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

If you are not comfortable, this impacts everything- the way you think, the way you concentrate, how much you can focus, and the quality of work you can produce.

Make sure you put some effort into creating a space that is conducive to your comfort so you are able to be the best version of yourself.

Invest in high-quality furniture, such as a Ligne Roset sofa bed Hampstead, so you have somewhere to take a break. Choosing something like this that can double up as a bed can help you justify the investment, especially if you frequently have guests. During your working day, you get a comfortable place to sit and take your break, and on the weekends have the perfect extra bed for guests.

Make sure the temperature is not too cold or not too hot in your room. Have a desk and a chair that will support your posture and get rid of any clutter or anything distracting that is not adding value to your environment.

Take A Break

Breaks are essential for creativity. The more you push yourself, the more difficult it can be to come up with something new or find a different spin on something. Burnout can be a real problem, but even having a slow day at work can be solved with a small 20-minute break. Read something different, spend a little time on a hobby, go for a walk – do something that takes you out of ‘work mode’ briefly so you are able to go back to it refreshed.