July 18, 2024

How to check your storage units for complete protection?

When you are finding a storage for your access stock, you surely envisage a place that offers highest level of security.

It means that your items are safe and you can enjoy your peace of mind. Luckily, most of the storage facilities have security features included in their facilities. But, before you hire one of them, inspecting the site to ensure the compliance is a must.

In this article, we are decoding the types of security features a storage facility offers you and how to check for them. But before we do it, it is important to understand three different locks facilities use for securing your items:

  • Hardened Steel Disc Locks:

Disc locks, specially hardened are a challenge for thieves to break. They are too complex that thieves would require a variety of tools, and sufficient time to break through which demotivates them from even trying.

Moreover, depending upon the facility preferences, the lock may offer you anti-pick, anti-drill or other high-level security mechanisms. It is placed on the storage unit’s door latch and has hardened exterior which cannot be cut or broken.

  • Recessed Cylinder Locks:

They are just like the locks on the doors of your home and offices. They are made directly into the door or shutter of the storage units lexington and cutting them off is far beyond trying.

They do not stick out so the robber can’t even try to use any other strategy to break through.

To enhance the security while using these locks, many facility providers change these locks after every tenant. This is an advanced point to take care while hiring storage units.

  • Closed-Shackle Padlock:

With thicker and shorter metal links, these locks are safe to the highest level. They cannot be broken, cut or destroyed in any other way with ease.

Moreover, there are a variety of security features, which make them perfect including double-bolted shackles, resettable code and corrosion resistant metal plating.

Besides using these locks for higher security, storage facilities use a number of features to add an additional protective layer. Such features include:

  • Security cameras:

Installing security cameras supported with complete DVR recording helps facilities keep a keen eye on the entire facility 24/7.

  • Door Alarms:

The advanced door alarm systems work in two ways. First, they are too loud to blow the entire facility about any trespassing, second they also send signals to central management system which further informs the police about the incident.

  • Unit-specific access:

There are different types of customers that require different time and ease of access. We make sure that while some of the customers enjoy 24/7 hours access to their units, this does not bother the security of other units. Each individual has a unique passcode which allows access to a unique unit only.

  • Motion sensing lights:

When you have motion sensing lights, you can easily identify movement in any particular area. Highly secure storage units have motion sensing lights for the same purpose.

  • Fenced perimeters:

Usually storage facilities are covered with fences on their periphery.

If a storage facility has all these features hire them right away.