September 30, 2023

How to simplify the deep cleaning of the home

Regular deep cleaning of the apartment allows you to create perfect order in the home and maintain ideal conditions for everyday relaxation. Therefore, people try to carry out such cleaning at least once a month – on their own or with the involvement of employees of cleaning companies.

Carrying out deep cleaning of the apartment involves the consistent implementation of cleaning work throughout the apartment. It is necessary to clean in living rooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and technical rooms. Each site deserves attention, and therefore the general cleaning of the apartment lasts a long time. But if you approach the organization of the event correctly, you can save a lot of time. This is what we will talk about today.

The procedure for deep cleaning of the apartment

The main secret is simple. In order to carry out an event effectively, a clear plan must be drawn up and followed. Therefore, we recommend that you decide in advance on the list of necessary work and the order in which they are carried out, and then follow the plan strictly point by point.

Ideally, deep cleaning of the apartment should consist of several stages:

  • division of the apartment into functional zones;
  • preparation of inventory and tools;
  • temporary transfer of interfering objects;
  • carrying out dry and wet cleaning;
  • performing additional work.

The penultimate point refers to the cleaning of the ceiling, windows, walls and floor, as well as a number of other surfaces, including the walls of sanitary and household appliances. Some products may require specific detergents and cleaners to process, so it is better to stock up on consumables in advance. Best deep cleaning services

General recommendations for deep cleaning

There are several general principles, the observance of which allows you to significantly simplify and speed up the process of deep cleaning of the apartment:

  1. Clean surfaces only after transfer. Items placed on them to a different location. It is easier to wipe a solid surface than to “circle” every thing.
  2. Start cleaning from the furthest room. And move towards the corridor, as this will help to avoid repeated or cross-cleaning of individual rooms.
  3. Follow the principle of cleaning from top to bottom. Start cleaning from high shelves and other surfaces, and finish with flooring.
  4. Focus on doing the deep cleaning. And do not be distracted by other work until you finish cleaning and you are not convinced of the quality of the results.

All of these points are not secrets, but greatly help in cleaning. Especially if it is done by one person.

Secrets to simplify the process of deep cleaning

The following are not the most obvious, but very effective recommendations for optimizing the general cleaning of an apartment:

  • Keep the kids busy with cartoons or other fun activities. Otherwise, they will constantly distract from the cleaning process.
  • Set a cleaning time frame for each room. Let’s say 30-60 minutes (figures are given conditionally). On the one hand, the time limit will help you not to be distracted, on the other hand, it will ensure that you do not get by with superficial cleaning.
  • Use microfiber cloths. They are suitable for cleaning most surfaces and do not harm them. And most importantly – remove pollution from the first time. Unlike rags made of synthetics and wool.
  • Wipe the dust thoroughly and gently. Do not brush it into hard-to-reach places, because then you still have to get dust from cabinets and other furniture.
  • Use quality consumables. They will cost more than standard analogues, but will speed up cleaning surfaces by 2-3 times.
  • Do not sort clothes and shoes during the general cleaning of the apartment. It is better to find time on another day and put things on the shelves according to the seasonality of use.
  • Try brushing tight, hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush. At first it will be unusual, but then all the advantages of such a decision will become clear.

The above solutions deserve attention. Try to apply them at least once and see for yourself how useful they are.

Recommended frequency of deep cleaning

Ideally, such an event should be organized at intervals of 2 weeks. In extreme cases, cleaning should be done monthly. Otherwise, accumulations of dust and dirt will become too voluminous, which will damage not only the appearance of the apartment, but also the well-being of the residents.

If there is simply not enough time and effort, then order a deep cleaning by professional cleaners and get the desired result for adequate money. Author: