June 10, 2023

Impact of Residential Colleges in Higher Studies

Each year in universities across Australia we see more and more students look to take on the option of residential colleges when they move to the next level of their education. There are a number of options of course when it comes to accommodation for students, and residential colleges are proving o be a very popular option for those young men and women who are starting a new experience. Living on campus is able to offer students a wide range of benefits and it really does give them the very best start to their university life.

If you are looking at heading to college and you are thinking about taking the option of a residential college, here are just some of the benefits which you will be able to count on when you do.

Support Networks

Heading off to college in a different city or state can be a scary experience for many young students which is why it is important that they are able to build strong support networks in order to help them settle in. Not only are you closer to faculty and teaching staff when you are staying in a residential college but you are also in a position to form tighter bonds with your fellow students. All of this contributes towards helping young students get into the groove of a university like quicker.


All-inclusive meals are a nice addition to this accommodation option which means no cooking for yourself, no shopping and more time to focus on your studies and enjoying university life. This also helps financially as the food side of things will have been already paid for before you have arrived on campus. this may not sound like much but it acts as a great buffer for students who are being independent for the first time in their lives.

Part of the Fabric

The student accommodation in Melbourne, for example, ranges from private apartments, shared living and of course residential colleges. The key difference between these three is that with a residential college, students can really feel part of the university and of university life, which enhances their overall experience. This not only helps students feel more confident but it gives them a real sense of belonging and ensures that they are very much a student at this college or university.

Study Levels

Research has proven that those who are living on the campus of where they are studying are far more likely to put in the extra work around their studies. Many student resident colleges provide students with a wide range of tutorials to support their studies. Resident tutors live in College so are readily available to answer any questions relating to your course, as well as help you prepare for assessments and exams. Much of this is down to actually living in the same area as they study, but we have also seen that much of this is down to positive peer pressure from those around them. Students in residential colleges make friends on campus much easier and then these social groups help each other to commit to studying. Ultimately those who are living in residential colleges show a higher level of performance than those who begin their university life in other forms of accommodation.

Student Extra-Curricular Activities

A wide range of student activities is on offer at residential colleges, allowing students to explore their areas of interests. From sports, music and arts, through to clubs and committees, life at residential colleges is all about creating fun and lasting memories.

As you can see there are a great many benefits to students who opt to spend their formative years at uni, staying on campus.