August 13, 2022

Know the key difference between direct cool and frost-free

There has been an ongoing debate for a long time in terms of the differences that lie between direct cool and frost free refrigerators. Consumers face a lot of confusion in terms of determining the difference between direct cool and frost-free refrigerators. So, let us come to a settlement by understanding the differences between the two models.

The refrigerators are becoming quite smart each day with the rapid evolution of refrigeration technology. Modern fridges are capable enough in terms of cleaning ice automatically, and this is what frost-free refrigerators are all about.

It will make a lot of sense if we understand a bit about which is best direct cool or frost free refrigerator technologies before heading to the details about the differences!

1. Cooling Mechanisms

It is noted that the direct cool refrigerators make use of natural convection, and the frost free models use convection technologies. It is the reason why you might notice that in the indirect cool models, you get cooling that is localized instead of the even cooling of the frost-free models.

Several individuals are quite confused in terms of the localized cooling effect thinking that the direct cool refrigeration would allow the fridge to cool faster. But, this is a false concept.

2. Consumption of Power

To make the difference between direct cool and frost-free models, the frost-free ones have heaters, fans, additional parts as well as sensors consuming a greater amount of power, whereas, in the direct cool ones, these parts are not present.

It is for this reason that you definitely should go ahead with the direct cool models if you are looking to save energy consumption.

3. Keeping Food Fresh

If you wish to keep your food fresh for less amount of time, then you should consider selecting the direct cool refrigerators as they can cool faster, although they would not be able to retain the freshness of the food for a much longer time. But, when you wish to know which is the best direct cool or frost free refrigerator, it is worth knowing that the frost-free models are known to retain the freshness of food for a much greater period of time due to its mechanism of even cooling as well as the conventional cooling.

4. Heating Concerns

Air is not generated by the refrigerator, and this is a known fact. It can only dump the hot air outside by taking the air from inside. It is for this reason, the exterior of the fridge will be relatively hot irrespective of whether it is a frost-free or a direct cool refrigerator.

The exteriors of the frost-free models can get quite hot when the cycle of the defrost is in motion as it has a heater that defrosts the ice. But, in the direct cool refrigerators, there is no such heater. Therefore, you can make your choice accordingly.

5. Space & Design

In terms of the design aspect, direct cool refrigerators are quite simplistic and have fewer parts. However, a gap of about 1.5 feet should be placed at the back of the refrigerator to allow natural air convection. Else, the machine will fail to cool in a proper way.

In frost free refrigerators, the cooling is effective with the help of a fan for which no gap is required for the spacing of the refrigerator. However, it is recommended to keep things spacious for better cooling effects.

Add On – Maintenance

It marks the best definition and reasoning for the difference between direct cool and frost free refrigerators. For the frost-free models, the cost for maintenance is a bit higher due to its mechanism of defrosting and the forced circulation of air. You might even require frequent maintenance programs compared to the other direct cool models.