May 19, 2024

Make Your Skip Bin More Appealing And Less Wasteful 2 Ways

Skip bins can often turn out to be an eyesore out for your business. If you are looking forward to be more sustainable then you can take a cue from one of the many exciting skip related projects that is going on everywhere. You can integrate some of those ideas in your life to make your skip more waste free and artistic. Here are two of them that you can take a look.

1.    Gleaner’s paradise – The last few years has the topic of skip dipping as popular in the media and many dippers dig for gourmet food. One underground restaurant was founded by dipper where they served food gathered from skip bins. This enterprising person gave this very term as “gleaning” rather than calling it skip dipping or dumpster diving.

Gleaning is a word that refers to the process of taking vegetables off the ground after a field that has been harvested. Of course it might not be possible to eat from your own skip but you can make others to do it if they are willing. So if you, say own a restaurant business where you need to throw away food, avoid crushing is or make it unusable. If possible set up a gleaner’s bin next to your skip for hungry gourmets to pick what they want from the same instead of having to dig through your skip that is mean for rubbish.

2.    Artistic skips – You can create a PR buzz by turning your old and unused skip bins into installation pieces if you have them around your business. At the same time, instead of letting your skip be an eyesore, you can decorate them with vinyl stickers. Depending on your taste and objective, they can be decorative or representative of your company.

You can also put on stickers that can have fun messages about not littering. You can also build a wooden enclosure and paint it artistically. This helps in adding to the visual appeal of your commercial parking lot or wherever you have a skip stored.

Be it artistic or waste free, the main job of your skip bin is to collect your garbage and get them disposed in a proper manner. Reduce your waste which in turn will help you look after your environment. Your skip rental  company in beenleigh, yatala or logan can  help you in waste management and at the same time, you can also take their help in making your skip more visually appealing.