May 19, 2024

Natural Carpets & Various Types of Natural Carpet Available In Market

One of the latest kinds of flooring designs that are used today is that of the natural material. Good flooring is one of the main elements of any living space and if you want your home with a natural look and atmosphere then you should go for a natural carpet. There are many types of carpets which is available in the market including synthetic carpets. But some consumers prefer a completely natural material. Plus, they have many different choices of carpeting. Natural carpets are the one which is highly rewarding for their rich texture, authentic natural weave, and also because they are made from eco-friendly renewable resources.

Natural Woolen Carpets

Some of the natural carpets that are available in the market are as follows. Natural woolen carpets are a common type of flooring material that is used in both carpets and rugs. This is a type of material that is strong and stain-resistant, fire-resistant, and pilling resistant. Also, the woolen carpets have natural lanolin coating, which causes a small amount of water to bead up on the surface. Natural woolen carpets are good because the fibers trap the air which gives it soundproofing and thermal insulating properties.

Seagrass Natural Carpet

One of the most smooth anti-static carpets is the seagrass carpet, which also a form of natural carpet. It is made up of all-natural plant fiber. And it is grown in a similar manner in which the rice is grown. Now, as the name suggests seagrass is planted in paddy fields which are flooded with seawater every year during the growing season. The fibers of seagrass are tough which means that it is completely resistant to stains, dirt, and also discoloration. Plus, the seagrass cannot be dyed by the manufacturer. It is only available in its natural colors. 

Coir Natural Carpet

Coir is another form of natural carpet which is an inexpensive material. It is made from the husks of coconut. The material of this natural carpet is coarse which gives it a naturally rustic look. It can be placed in a cabin, cottage and also can be woven into a more enhanced pattern which is sophisticated. Some of the best ones are diamond weave, basketweave, and herringbone weave. Due to its harsh textures, it cannot be used in bedrooms. It will not be comfortable underfoot. It should be placed in a naturally dry place and not in wet places as it can damage the weave or the coir. 

Jute & Sisal Natural Carpets

From plants like the Corchorus genus, jute Floorspace natural carpets are made. It grows in the subtropical regions of Asia. This plant is soaked in water and then stalks are stripped to make separate fibers. It is mostly used in the making of rope and also natural carpet. It is one of the softest and most inexpensive natural carpet materials which one can ever have. And due to its soft nature, it can suffer wear and tear if treated harshly. It is not that durable. Also, it is good if you use it in low traffic areas such as bedrooms. Another type of natural carpet which is available is sisal.