The Best Response to Medical Malpractice

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You put your trust in your doctor’s ability to help you through a health crisis. The hospital or physician’s clinic is the first place you go to when something is wrong. To be injured by your doctor or receive advice that jeopardizes your health is a betrayal so enormous that it is impossible to conceive or calculate. The first principle of medicine is “first, do no harm”. A doctor that violates this fundamental ethical code should be held accountable.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is any intentional or unintentional action that leads to the injury of a patient or the worsening of their condition. Diagnostic error, surgical error, and prescription error are three examples of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice can do you real and lasting harm.

Some illnesses can be treated and eliminated without difficulty if caught early enough. If you go to a physician to complain of specific symptoms and the doctor does not correctly diagnose you, it could lead to unnecessarily prolonged illness.

If your surgeon operates on the wrong body part, you will need to spend a great deal of money on corrective surgery and more time out of work. Not to mention the destruction of a perfectly healthy organ.

An incorrect prescription can cause you a lot of trouble. Your physician should know enough about pharmacology to write the correct prescription. Failure to do so is inexcusable.

Your First Steps

The moment you discover that you are the victim of medical malpractice you should hire a lawyer who specializes in this area of torts. Your lawyer will want to know the circumstances surrounding the incident and the explanation that was given afterward. This information will be used to formulate a legal strategy.

Your lawyer will launch their own investigation. They will speak to nurses, technicians, and other support personnel who worked with the physician. The latter’s colleagues will also be interviewed. And an inquiry into the doctor’s past and record will be made. If other people have suffered at the hands of this doctor, your lawyer will find out about it.

Your attorney will also review your medical records from both the original physician and the one you went to later to have the error corrected. This kind of documentation can prove a mistake was made and can show clearly the damage it caused.

Getting Justice

All doctors must carry insurance. Your lawyer will approach the insurer and get them to make an offer. If the compensation is too low, you may have to sue. After all the evidence is gathered proving the doctor’s mistake and the great pain, suffering, and expense it has caused you, your lawyer may be able to get the insurer to offer you more money. They may decide it is preferable to do this rather than risk the judgment of a jury.

If you have been injured through the malpractice of your physician, then you should hold them accountable. You can Click Here to find out how to do that.