July 18, 2024

The Right Choices in Using the Electrician Now

young adult electrician builder engineer worker in front of fuse switch board

If along the path to the gate you will have luminaires or LED tape installed, this should also be considered here along with the location of the power supply if the external lighting fittings are supplied with low voltage. With the help of Rytec Electric specialist you can have the best deal.

Where such a power supply can be located:

  • In the switchgear
  • Above the point fitting installed on a suspended ceiling

In a surface-mounted box with the above-mentioned wardrobe for clothes, e.g. at the ceiling, so that it does not bother you.

In general, the point is to have access to the power supply if necessary and at the same time to be hidden.


  • This other can be, for example, a wicket opening button. It is worth installing it next to the lighting switches regardless of the number and the greatness of the planned home automation systems.
  • From teletechnical things, at the entrance there is also an alarm system keypad for quickly entering the code after entering the house.
  • You can also think about the monitor of the intercom, provided that it will not be the only handset installed in the house. Each trip to the vestibule would lead you to passion.
  • However, in the case of an apartment, installing the only intercom handset at the door can be a good solution, depends on the layout and size of the apartment.

Salon (widely understood)

In contemporary projects, a living room combined with a dining room, kitchen and perhaps a hall, often constitutes one large room, where the functional division of the rooms is more virtual than in the form of physical walls and doors.

As far as sockets are concerned, each of these “rooms” can be considered separately, but in the case of lighting we need a clear vision of both the arrangement of the fittings and the location of the control switches.

Interior lighting

Where to start? It’s best from the beginning.

Location of lighting fittings

Here is more work for an interior designer, but you can come to certain conclusions as much as possible. Below I throw more ideas, everything must be adapted to my own vision and layout of the rooms. First ask yourself: where will the light sources be needed?


The proper part of the living room can be preceded by a hall, more or less separated. Either way, it stays briefly in the hall. Conversations are taking place in a standing position, there is no table, no benches, and there is no cabinet, maybe some commode. There will be no need for strong lighting.


 In the salon we have several key locations. The first thing is a sofa with a coffee table. What is being done on the couch? You know watching TV, but you can also read books, lying on the left and right side, so good lighting in min.