May 19, 2024

Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of your Windows and Doors in Edmonton

Windows and doors are not just holes in the wall that can be opened and closed. They are just as important as the roof or any other part of your building. Apart from securing and giving style to the home, they have a big influence on your energy bills. If your windows or doors are too old or damaged to hold out against draft or provide a way through which heat escapes from the interior of the house in a cold day in Edmonton, it is time to find a solution. Installing replacements may seem the best idea, but you want to give room for other options for improving efficiency of your windows and doors when you put cost-effectiveness into consideration, including:

  1. Change the Frames

You don’t have to remove the entire window or door to improve its efficiency. In many cases, the problem lies in the frames. Just replace them with new energy-efficient alternatives. Remember that some frames, whether old or new, have more efficiency than others. If you don’t know how to pick the best, seek the assistance of an old salt in the window and door installation industry.

2. Seal the Gaps

There may be space between the glass making up your window or door. In order to prevent heat loss or entry of draught through the gaps, seal them. Caulk is a great product when it comes to sealing window and door gaps. However, you may need to redo the sealing after one year or so to ensure maximum efficiency.

3. Install Insulating Panels

The kind of window or door glass may determine your energy savings. Some types of glass allow loss of heat during the cold season and gain of heat in hot days. However, you don’t have to replace them. Just add insulating panels that will help keep the temperatures inside your home comfortable. Keep in mind that some insulating panels may interfere with visibility. Thus, consider your needs before you buy them.

4. Add Draperies

When insulated, draperies can be the solution to stabilizing the temperatures in your home. They serve to prevent the loss of heat and block drafts from entering the home through the window or door. An added benefit is that you can easily open them to allow sunlight into the house, especially when there is need for warmth and natural light.

5. Cover Glass with Tinted Film

Tinted film does not fail when it comes to reducing sunlight heat buildup inside the house. You can choose to have permanent or temporary installation of the films. In addition, you can do the installation on your own or hire an expert in windows and doors in Edmonton to do it for you. The only major downside with tinted film is reduction of visibility but you can live with it especially when having in mind the fact that high energy bills are more uncomfortable.

Final Remarks

When your windows and doors in Edmonton age, they lose their efficiency. In some situations, the only solution is to replace them. However, in most cases, sealing gaps, installing some additions or replacing the frames is all you need to restore top efficiency and cut down on bills brought about by high consumption of energy by heating and cooling systems.