April 24, 2024

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency in the home doesn’t just ensure that we are reducing the impact which we have on the environment throughout the usage of fossil fuels, it is also something that can save you a great deal of money. What many don’t realize is just how much money they are spending necessarily, and in fact, some simple changes can really make a big difference. Energy efficiency really is the way forward for the environment and for our bank balances, and here is how you can ensure that your home is a lot more energy-efficient.

Get The Right Air Con

If you need an air conditioner in your home then it is essential that you buy one which has a high energy efficiency rating. Not only will this ensure that your home is better cooled, but you will also be spending a lot less on the energy that the system uses. The same thing goes for maintenance of your AC system, if there is an issue with it then it may be using 100% of energy but only offering 70% efficiency, leaving you paying for air which you aren’t getting the benefit of. Whether you have a ducted system a mini-split or a reverse cycle air conditioner, you must ensure they are energy efficient.

Efficient Electrics

The air conditioning unit in your home is not the only system which you should be looking to make energy-efficient and in fact, there are many products which we use in the home which have energy-efficient benefits. The first place to look is in the kitchen and laundry room,  and your home appliances, washing machines, fridges, freezers and driers are all energy guzzlers which is why you should always aim to get appliances which have high-efficiency ratings.

Getting Sealed

One very simple way in which you can reduce your energy usage is to check that your windows, doors and your loft space are all perfectly sealed. If there are games in the seal around the windows then you could very well be letting cool or hot air out, when you need it most. Imagine paying for your AC unit, only for that air to be escaping right out the home. Ensure that you are fully sealed in order to ensure that you aren’t wasting your money on energy usage.


It’s nice to have our home at the perfect temperature when weak up or when we get home from work, but that doesn’t mean that we have to have our heating or cooling systems on 24/7. The best thing to do here is to ensure that you have timers in place so that they can switch the systems on shortly before you need a certain temperature.

Easy Fixes

Much of this will come down to behaviours and that is why it makes sense to be vigilant of this in the home. Switching lights and gadgets of, for example, closing doors to ensure temperature control and even unplugging gadgets when they are not in use. All of those small changes will ensure that you spend less money and use less energy in the home.

Why not give these a try and see how much you save?