December 9, 2023

Use MetaTrader Apps with Account

Sign up with and download MetaTrader Apps that will enhance strategy with a suite of over 20 apps. It will provide professional-grade control and flexibility in trading strategy with the following exceptional features:

·         Custom indicators along with integrated Highs and Lows and Pivot Points

·         Chart-in-Chart that makes viewing multiple products on one chart window possible

·         Nine expert advisors together with an Alarm Manager and Sentiment Trader

Note that all apps are offered by FX Blue and included with a MetaTrader account.

These nine Expert Advisors plus 15 indicators are available in one download.

1.  Alarm Manager

Generate in email, platform or SMS alerts based on a broad range of parameters including:

o   Trade activity

o   Changes in account such as margin

o   Market action because of news or sentiment

o   Time, price, and technical indicators

2.  Correlation Matrix

Handle risks more effectively and increase confidence with a network of correlations between all tradable markets.

o   See correlations easily with color coding

o   Read correlations of -100 to +100 with ease

o   Spot opportunity by highlighting markets

o   Identify risk to handle risk

3.  Correlation Trader

Analysis and execution are merged to conduct strategy.

o   Observe detailed historic correlation

o   Determine and trade emerging correlations

o   See two price charts side by side

o   Allows quick trade entry and exit through simple trade ticket

4.  Market Manager

One convenient window will help to manage account and market information such as:

o   Present open position and its profitability

o   Adjust font size depending on window size

o   Price movements over multiple intervals

o   Set orders by defining P&L or price

5.  Mini Terminal

With a deal ticket integrated in the chart, focus on a certain market.

o   Open-position marker

o   Make templates for quick order entry

o   Set orders in pips with simple fields

o   Instant links for closing position and more

6.  Sentiment Trader

Consider sentiments into trading decisions via live sentiment data from’s user database.

o   Synopsis for multiple symbols

o   Present long/short sentiment for a market

o   Historical sentiment sketch against price

7.  Session Map

Search the movement via map highlighting active trading sessions around the world.

o   Rise and fall during session

o   The point of reference is the local time of the trader

o   The closing or current price for the ongoing session

o   Total trading range during the session

8.  Tick Chart Trader

With a single mouse click or keyboard stroke, have a look to various tick charts and enter and exit the market quickly.

o   Prices of markets compared to each other

o   Tick chart updates along with ask/bid changes

o   Candle OHLC for number of ticks not the time

o   Tick chart with tick speed

9.  Trade Terminal

Have an access in feature- rich professional trade execution and analysis that is not usually available in MetaTrader.

o   Make templates for quick order entry

o   Set orders in pips with simple fields

o   Create orders with dealing window

o   Display key trade details or information