June 9, 2023

Want To Decorate Your Home- Avoid These 4 Rug Placing Mistakes

Are you planning to decorate your home for the upcoming occasion or the festival? Do you think what you should buy for the decoration? Have you thought of the flooring and the lights? Have you thought of decorating the room with the best area rug? Do you know how to pick the best floor mating? Are you aware of the installation process? Do you know exactly how to place the rugs?

If a little mistake is made from your end in placing the rugs, the whole decoration of the place will get affected, and you are only responsible for the bad look of your interiors. Hence, if you want to avoid the mistakes while placing the rugs on the floor, here are some of the steps that you must follow-

  1. Isolation of the Rug

When you are using the carpet, you may think whether to put the legs of the sofas and furniture to be kept on the rugs or not. Some prefer placing a small mat that will not fit the furniture leg. But, believe me; it will create a cheap look to your interiors. Hence, you must buy the area rug that is large enough and cover all the corners of the room. The rug that is too small is worse than no rug present in the room.

  1. Use of Similar Size of Mats

If you are planning to use a similar size of rugs, you are making a mistake. Some of the homeowners choose the same size of rugs and place them adjacent to each other to create a unique look. But, it is not true. When you are placing the similar floor mats close to each other, your room will look smaller than its original size. Thus, when you are buying the mat or any flooring item like the rug, you must buy them of different sizes.

  1. Not Using the Rug Pad

You may forget to use the rug pad, but it is one of the most important accessories to use on your floor. Hence, when you are using the floor mat, it is very important to place the pad underneath the mat to protect the rug and offer an additional cushioning of the floor. The pad will protect your feet, rug and the floor itself. You must buy the rug pad a little larger to the rug itself.

  1. Choosing the Different Color for the Rug

No, it is not correct for defining the open space. When you are planning to place an area rug on the open space, you must use the rug of a similar color. You can choose varied patterns and sizes, but the color should be the same.

Now, the question is how to pick the best rug for your home. As like the curtains, wall color, and the lights; the carpet plays an important role in the decoration of the space. Hence, you can choose a rug that has the best color, fabric, and quality. When considering good quality mats or rugs, you can choose the floor rugs in Melbourne or anywhere around your location.