July 18, 2024

What causes a heater to blow cold air?

Do you keep your heating unit on throughout the day but still unable to achieve the expected heat? There can be situations when the heating system blows cold air. Such circumstances can occur due to numerous reasons. Read more to get the explanations for why is my heater blowing cold air. 

Some of the reasons for heater blowing cold air in house are given below

  1. The basic thing that you should do when your heating system is spreading cold air is to check the condition of the thermostat. Switch the fan on the “Auto” setting if it’s time to utilize the heater. Ensure that you do not leave the switch in the “on” mode, or else it would cause the fan to continually run.
  1. The cold air from a heating system is likely to produce due to any leakage in the ducts. The ducts are mostly in the attic or outside the insulation. It is necessary to determine the ducts’ condition before contacting the pros of heating and air repair in Atlanta.
  1. Another thing that you should do is to check the pilot light of your heating system. A pilot light is a tiny flame burning continuously to confirm that the heating unit can ignite without any trouble. In case of any emergency, give a call to the top companies of heating and air repair in Atlanta.
  1. One thing that you should not miss out on is the filters of the heating system. The state of the filters can turn filthy with time. Filters having dust or contaminants can affect the functioning of the entire appliance. Luckily, fixing or replacing the filters is pretty simple and cheap. Watch relevant videos, or read the instruction manual to remove a filter and place a new one.
  1. A dirty flame sensor is an apparent reason for the heat blowing out cold air. It is necessary to clean the flame sensor from time to time. To clean the flame sensor, you first need to turn off the power button. After that, you need to find where it is placed. Once you have found the flame sensor, take it out for cleaning. Many experts would suggest sandpaper for cleaning it. This material might damage the sensor, so it is better to choose an emery cloth. Rub it kindly on the surface of the flame sensor for cleaning the dirt build-up.