December 3, 2021

Which Flooring is Apt For Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one room in the home where you carry out your tasks at a faster pace. Most kitchen tasks like preparing meals, cutting vegetables and cleaning utensils are done quickly because you have limited time on your hands.

This clearly indicates that your kitchen is more prone to accidents like milk getting spilt on the floor, cabinets being pulled harshly and utensils colliding with one another. If you install delicate marble or tiles in your kitchen, they can be easily damaged. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important to select the right type of flooring for your kitchen.

Picking up one particular flooring pattern can be tricky for someone who does not have adequate knowledge about interior design. This is why you need to consult with some decent kitchen designers who can guide you to make the right choices for your kitchen. They can help you design a kitchen just the way you want it to be.

However, you should also have some basic knowledge at least about the flooring in your kitchen. You are familiar with the amount of foot traffic in the kitchen and so you can ideally pick the flooring that best accommodates that.

Mentioned below is a small description of different kinds of flooring that can be used for kitchen flooring:

Polished Concrete:

If you are not keen to install traditional flooring and instead are looking for something artistic, then you cannot miss out on the polished concrete options available. This surface does a brilliant job irrespective of whether you pick an industrial look or a simple one.

It is suggested that you do not choose cheap options available in the market as they might not be durable and may crumble in a short span of time. You can always seek assistance from the experts as they may give you reliable options.

The advantage of this kind of flooring is that they last longer if you invest in the right quality. You do not have to entirely discard your current flooring as it can be poured on it.

You get a variety of colour options which are easy to clean and keeps floors free from pests. They also go well with underfloor heating.

The biggest disadvantage of this flooring is that it gets slippery and may develop cracks which can be repaired with an additional expense.

Solid Wood:

Of all the flooring options available, solid wood has its own unique beauty which is irreplaceable. You get a wide range of solid, grain and colour options – pick one that goes with your kitchen design.

This is suitable in an ultra-modular kitchen as well as with a country cottage. They might be a little expensive, but the price range varies on thickness and size. You also get an option for your finishes, as you can either pick oil, wax or lacquer. Oil and wax are apt if you are looking for a natural look.

 Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are a combination of clay and glaze with the latter on the top. You can easily find different colours, sizes, shapes and textures for them. Plus, they can be easily replaced. The sharp edges can be rectified by experts and hence they are preferred by most households.

These tiles are easy to clean and there are multiple designs, so there is always an option that fits within your budget. They are suitable for underfloor heating as well.

The biggest flaw of these tiles is that they are cold to touch and if any crockery falls onto the floor, it is likely to break.


Stone includes everything from granite to travertine to limestone. You cannot skip the sight of classic stone flooring in anyone’s kitchen. Stone has a natural beauty which other flooring does not possess. Although, there are variety of stones available in the market, avoid picking ones with irregular combinations. The main reason being that it is difficult to fit in this combination in your limited kitchen space.

There is no doubt that you cannot ignore this classy, timeless beauty but it is equally important to maintain it. There are chances that over a period of time, dirt might get settled in the gaps which results in a much stricter cleaning regime for you and your family.