May 19, 2024

Which water filtering bottle is the best

The popularity of filtering products has increased significantly over the past years. Dafi jugs, known for many years, have not only modern design but, above all, additional functions, such as the LED indicator reminding you to change the filter. Filter cartridges are also better than in the past and with a larger range than before. For example, you can choose a filter with a higher degree of water hardness reduction (AntiLime) or enriching water with magnesium ions (MineralUP).

Filtering bottles are also new on the market thanks to which you can easily enjoy purified water wherever the tap water appears.

Dafi offers modern, ergonomic and very light filtering bottles. They are made of the highest quality materials, approved for contact with drinking water and not containing harmful chemical compounds (like Bisphenol type A). Dafi bottles are designed in a modern, ergonomic way, with a convenient handle and a mouthpiece protecting against spilling water. They are available in many colours and capacities:

– small (0.3 litre), ideal, for example, during walks, extremely light and handy

– medium (0.5 litre), works well at work or in the gym, wherever we have easy access to tap water,

– large (0.7 litre), for distant trips or for people who need to have constant access to water.

Water filtered in bottles is subjected to many tests as well as physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic analysis during laboratory tests, using modern control and measurement equipment. Thanks to this, by choosing a bottle of Dafi, we guarantee that the storage does not affect the taste, quality and purity of the filtered water. The bottle is durable and easy to use, so it will be with us for a long time.

Thanks to high quality, functionality, large selection and very attractive prices, Dafi bottles and filters are the best choice.