December 3, 2021

Wood or Metal Shelves? Swisstribe Has the Answer for You

What are the best retail fixtures for your store? Should you go metal of use wood? The shelves you select for the store should help to strengthen the brand and bring out the theme. The ultimate goal should help to drive emotional connection for improved sales.

Metal Shelving

Many retail stores today opt to use metal shelving because they are strong, easy to install and adjustable to accommodate varying types of merchandise. When properly constructed, the metallic shelves can easily be configured to endless arrays.

Metallic shelves such as gondola designs can also feature bins, hangers, trays, hooks, and pegged backing that allow the retailer to add accessories for helping to make the merchandise look complete. Note that they are designed from various metals to suit all clients.

Swisstribe recommends steel shelving because they are appealing to the eye, do not rust, and are easy to maintain. Their experts are trained in the best countries and stop at nothing in making the steel shelving matches with different merchandise. This implies you can easily redefine the theme by changing the merchandise and lighting without redoing the shelves.

Heavy steel shelves are ideal for stores that deal with bulky merchandise while lighter-gauge chrome shelves are preferred for high-end merchandise such as jewelry. Consider working with a retail display expert for assistance on making the metallic shelves more appealing.

Wood shelving

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, do not simply pick the available options without taking a glance at the wooden models. Wooden shelves can help to bring a unique and natural look to your store.

You can opt for premade wooden shelves or order custom-made designs to fit your store retail fixtures need. But Swisstribe recommends that stores should combine the metallic and wooden designs for great shopping experience.

Swisstribe experts’ common choices for wood shelving include Maple and Oak because of their unique colors and grains that bring a warm look in your store. They also work with clients to help translate ideas and concepts to help drive sales and make their stores the best.

The final take

The decision on whether to go for wooden or metallic shelves depends on personal preferences. To get the best of both sides, you should consider combining the strength of metallic shelves with finishes of beautiful wood.

To be sure of picking the best shelves, consider working with professionals. Swisstribe experts have experience of more than 13 years designing POS displays. Do not gamble on the shelves to use in your store; reach Swisstribe for assistance with the designs that guarantee results.