April 24, 2024

Add Value to Your Property by Updating a Bathroom Design

When you think about your home know, you probably ask yourself from time to time about how much it’s worth. Even if you don’t plan to sell right away, you may want to one day and making some big changes can bring a lot of positive benefits for the property. And believe it or not, your bathroom could make all the difference when you decide to put your property on the market.

Therefore, here are some great ways you can update your bathroom design and thus add value to your property.

1. Welcome the light

Usually, bathrooms shy away from windows in order to create privacy for the homeowners, but the well-lit room is always an advantage. There are many solutions that can give you privacy and yet allow for the natural light to engulf the space. Tinted windows are a great choice and perfect to take as much of the wall as the construction allows.

Instead of creating barriers in your bathroom, use glass doors for the shower so you can keep the feeling of open space. This will also make your bathroom look more spacious and positive. If you plan to hang curtains, consider roll-on blinds instead. They are easy to incorporate in the design but make sure their material allow enough light in the bathroom.

2. Choose the right colours

Colour can make all the difference for your home, even the one you plan to use in your bathroom. If you can’t choose or are in doubt, always opt for light neutral tones that you will texture with a darker one. You can always look in the colour wheel to check if your combination of colours will fit together.

However, choosing complementary colours can be a little too bold if you want to appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers. Taupe and beige are a great combination for the bathroom since they give it a natural feel without hindering its elegance. If you have enough light in the bathroom, you can add some darker tones here and there just to create a more layered environment.

3. Use natural materials

Wood has been the favourite natural material for a long time, but in the recent years, the interior designers started using stone and marble. Instead of using tiles all over the bathroom, add a stonewall that will immediately draw the attention of visitors. This is an excellent solution for small bathrooms since it will provide a focal point to focus on.

Limestone is also a great material, especially for the walls and in combination with dark brown wood. The two materials will balance each other and create a relaxing and comfortable environment to enjoy. If you want to create an outer wall for your bathtub, use materials like the stone which will look even better if the tiles above the tub are identically made.

4. Concentrate on fixtures

Your home will be worth more if you create a luxurious ambience in your bathroom. Besides the colours and tiles, another important aspect to concentrate on are the fixtures. A carefully designed bathroom vanities are going to impress any potential buyers since they give the bathroom an upper-class sophistication.

Freestanding bathtub is all the rage now and they are perfect for those who want a comfortable and relaxing bathroom. Brass faucets are always a welcoming site in bathrooms, especially the ones with the vintage and organic elements. However, those who like modern bathrooms should certainly install electric or power showers since it’s simply impossible to imagine a contemporary home without them.

5. Choose the right flooring

When it comes to flooring, you should make it a priority since a lot of things could depend on it. First of all, the floor is a very visible element in the bathroom and people consider it one of the most important details. Also, it’s important that the materials you use are waterproof, durable and comfortable to walk on.

Natural stone tiles are more expensive than ceramic and porcelain but will add luxury to your bathroom floors. When you look for the perfect floor pay attention to the material properties. For example, if it gets slippery when wet and if they are easily damaged in the humid environment such as a bathroom. However, avoid using vinyl since that will only devaluate your property, and if you opt for wooden floors be prepared for regular maintenance.


Some design solutions can add value to your property, while others can decrease it. In order to avoid this, always choose proven materials while concentrating more on the colours and styles in your bathroom. Updating a bathroom design can be expensive, but if you do it over a period of time, you can change it little by little and thus increase your property’s value.