May 19, 2024

Pros and Cons of Copper Roofing

Cooper roofing is the most popular of all metal materials because of its adaptability to the natural surroundings of your home. It is a durable and strong material more and more used to replace asphalt shingles standardly used for rooftops. Although it has its advantages, it may not be a perfect material for everyone so here are pros and cons of copper roofing.


#1  Durable

Copper is a very durable metal which is still on many rooftops in Europe having been there since the 18th century. If regularly repaired and maintained, copper roofs can last more than 50 years looking great. This is a very resistant material and can withstand fire, rain, mildew, snow, and hail, as well as strong winds so it’s basically indestructible by the elements.

#2  Beautiful

The moment copper is installed on your roof it will create a golden glow around your home. Over a time, it will change into gray or brown and finally ending up to be greenish blue. This will give a futuristic appeal to your home which looks stylish and modern, but also natural.

#3  Lightweight

Copper is a lightweight material which means that it won’t create a lot of pressure on your home’s structure. This is important not only during the heavy snowfalls but also over time since buildings adjust to the ground’s natural properties. The heavier the roof, the more cracks will create on the walls and possible structural damages which can sometimes be costly to repair.

#4  Noise

Contrary to the popular belief, copper is not like most metal roofs when it comes to being noisy during the rains. This is actually a soft metal which doesn’t amplify the sound of raindrops and create unbearable noise for the whole neighborhood. Using underlayments can even completely mute the sound of rain and remove any noise.

#5  Renewable building material

Copper is recycled and reused in construction but all other industries have a need for it, as well. You won’t find copper rubbish lying around the streets, polluting oceans and in the landfills. Not to mention that copper theft is a lucrative crime which in certain countries takes enormous proportions.

#6  Eco-friendly

You may not know this, but copper is one of the most eco-friendly materials used in construction. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb the sun’s energy so you can be sure your home will be energy efficient. For example, Sydney copper roofing services are in demand since this is one of the sunniest cities in the world, and also due to its Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan.


#1  Expensive

Copper roofs are one of the most expensive to have due to the expertise needed to install it and that is why many people opt for less pricey solutions. However, a copper roof is also better than asphalt and many other available materials so the price makes sense. Many companies offer discounts to attract the customers, but in the end, it’s all about your budget and esthetical preferences.

#2  Expansion

Metal roofs expand and contract during temperature changes, although copper does this the least. However, if not installed properly this can be a problem since fasteners can become loose. Since this is a natural property of copper it will happen regardlessly, but the method, technique, and quality of work can determine the extent.

#3  Snow

While you will certainly have gutters installed around the roof, during the heavy snow that may not be enough. Heavy snowfall can create big piles on the roof which can fall on passers-by so account for this when opting for copper. Consider using snow guards since they can help with this problem, although this is an additional expense.


Every roofing material has its pros and cons, so it’s only the question of what suits your budget and needs the best. Copper roofing is by far the most reliable, eco-friendly and practical material, which only speak to the rule that quality should outweigh the high price.