June 10, 2023

The Essential Tips about Heat Pumps

Those who decide to upgrade their home heating systems should know that the heating and cooling markets are enriched with a wide variety of new options than in the past. It means you can find more cost-effective options that can provide excellent benefits. According to a professional expert offering advanced heat pumps in Toronto, among all these exceptional options, heat pumps are increasingly popular choice that has the potential to cope with your heating and cooling needs in the blink of an eye. The technology of heat pumps is improving continuously to make modern types more energy-efficient and money-saving. Here’s a look at all you need to know about heat pumps.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Generally, heat pumps refer to a system responsible for pumping hot air out of your home during warm seasons and warmed air to your house during winter. Luckily, some advanced options in the market can utilize heat from the air and ground. Still, the most commonly requested types use electricity to move warm air throughout different areas in your house. The important point that should be noted is that when heat pumps operate, they don’t burn fuels, so no more carbon dioxide will be produced.

What Are Different Types of Heat Pumps?

Typically, there are two main options available that you can install in your house that include:

-Air Source Heat Pumps: In these Special types, the warm air will be extracted from the air outside, then used to heat the interior parts of your house. It doesn’t matter outside temperature is freezing; heat pumps will extract warm air. Although air-source heat pumps are not as efficient as ground heat pumps, you will spend lower costs for installation because it doesn’t require to dug pipes underground.

-Ground-source Heat Pumps: Ground-source heat pumps extract warmed air stored underground. As mentioned in this method, some pipes should be buried underground to extract heat to your house when the temperature outside is relatively low because the temperature under the ground is always stable. Although this method is more efficient than other types, it isn’t the right choice for houses with small or no gardens. Besides, initial installation costs of ground source heat pump are a bit high due to the process of digging pipes.

What Is the Role of Heat Pumps in Preserving the environment?

As everyone knows, gas boilers negatively affect the environment because they require a large amount of fuel to operate effectively. As a result, a high level of carbon dioxide will be produced that are so harmful to our natural environment. Fortunately, humans have taken a significant step toward preserving the environment by inventing heat pumps. Because heat pumps run on electricity and no greenhouse gases are produced when operating.

Using heat pumps with Standard Radiators

Heat pumps can be used with standard radiators and towel rails; however, larger radiators are required to reach a comfortable temperature. It should be noted that a professional engineer can help you to find out if your current radiators are large enough to work with heat pumps.