December 1, 2023

Tips for Hiring a Professional Company to Paint Your House

So the time has come for you to give your house a facelift by repainting it. But selecting the right painting contractor can be a challenging task if you are doing so for the first time. Given the fact that there are fraudsters in the painting job, you would surely wish to become an educated consumer. Here are some tips for hiring a professional painting contractor.

  1. Exploring available options

There is no dearth of resources at your disposal when you are searching for prospective painting contractors. But what’s the guarantee that a name you pick based on your search is a good one? The ideal places to start when selecting one are:

  • Friend or family member referrals
  • The local Better Business Bureau website
  • America’s Find-A-Painter website, particularly the painting and decorating contractors list
  • Trusted online review sites
  • Get multiple bids

After you have shortlisted a few companies, you should start asking for bids. For the comparison purposes, you should always get multiple bids. Do not be tempted by the lowest bid price as that can be disastrous. A useful rule of thumb says that you gather at least three bids before zeroing in.

  • Interview the Candidates

One of the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction in this area is the failure on part of the customers to properly interview the contractors before giving them the job. This process should be very much like a job interview where you ask tough questions. While you should be respectful while questioning them, you should also make sure that they listen attentively to your questions and address the issues important to you.

  • Check references

Checking the references that a contractor provides is the last but important step in the process of choosing one. Any reputable contractor, like CT House Painters, will have a complete reference list that you can get verified to determine if they are worth their salt.