May 19, 2024

Tips for selecting the best entry doors

The front door does more than serve as an entrance for people. It has a significant role in making people cast their first impression about your home. It also enhances the curb appeal and aggregate value of your house. A good entry door works as a security for your home and hence choosing the right entry door of your home is an important decision. The selection process may be overwhelming with various looks, benefits, styles, and types of doors available. This is why you should hire a professional window and door company.

Window mart offers top-quality doors and windows. They bring you some essential tips to pick the best entry doors for your home.

Begin with the style

Before picking the colors, features, and material, begin with the look and style of the door. Do you wish to get a traditional six-panel look with a smooth front, or want something more conventional, such as an oval door? View your neighbors’ doors, get an idea from their door designs, and see what you prefer for your home. You can also browse online and get some ideas. Make sure the style of your door complements the look and architectural design of your home.

Size and material

Do you want a single door or a double door? Do you want a narrow and normal door or a wide and tall door? The size of the door is something to consider, majorly when you plan to add features such as sidelites. Check the material of the door. Do you want to go with wood, steel, or fiberglass? Every material has its unique characteristics.

For instance, wood brings a natural look to your home, but it needs higher maintenance. A fiberglass is an excellent option if you need an affordable and durable entry door. It will last for years with minimum maintenance. Steels doors are highly recommended for energy efficiency, robustness, and unbreakable features. So, picking the suitable material for your entry door is essential.

Colors and accents

Now that the style and material have been decided, you should focus on the color and additional features. You can paint the wood doors and customize them. You have the option to choose between different wood species such as mahogany, maple, and oak. Fiberglass can also be painted to get an appealing look. Steel doors can be customized through any color to get a sleek finish.

Glass accents make your entry doors look more appealing and stunning. It enhances the look of the door. Sidelites are also a fantastic option to transform your entry doors and make them more inviting and warm. They allow more natural sunlight in the house. You can go for stained or frosted glass or a complete glass panel for a luxury appearance.

So, regardless of the type of entry door you are looking for, Window Mart is your one-stop solution to get high-quality energy-efficient doors. With a unique range of doors and windows available, you can rely on these professionals for all your needs.