May 19, 2024

Urban Gardens: How to Successfully Maintain Your Garden in the City

More and more people are participating in gardening, whether it is planting trees or food plants. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have been born with acres of a backyard where they can plant to their heart’s content. In fact, a lot of people live in urbanised cities with concrete everywhere you look. But because of global warming and climate change, there is an urgent need to plant more trees so we can breathe fresher air. You can still have a pocket garden in your home, even if there is concrete and metal around you.

Businesses also perform green practices to contribute to the restoration of the planet. One of the things they employ is green air technology, which benefits not only the environment but them as well. These living walls are space savers, so they are suitable inside and outside buildings with enough wall space.

Water plants regularly

Not everyone has a green thumb, but with enough effort, you can maintain your plants in their excellent condition all year-round. Watering them on a regular basis will keep them alive, and since concrete holds heat, your plants must receive water as often as possible.

Consider raised beds

Raised beds are not only beneficial to plants, but you as well. They offer better accessibility, and if you have concrete all around you, you can still have a pocket garden in your home. Chose a wooden bed, so it doesn’t trap heat so much, and your plants can breathe much easier. But with raised beds, you have to consider two things: staining and draining. See where the water drains on the floor and set your raised bed just near it, so there won’t be any too much runoff when it rains. Staining can also happen if there is too much runoff, so be sure that you don’t overwater your raised bed, and cover it during winter.

Pick plants suitable for urban gardening

In urban gardening, you have to choose the types of plants that do not grow too big, whose roots will not outgrow the raised garden bed, will be suitable for the general climate in your area, and will be sustainable despite the concrete in their surroundings. These plants include:

  • Aubergine is easy to grow, so if you are into food gardening, planting this type will give you an endless supply.
  • Acer is most suitable in pocket gardens, as it does not require repotting, and is slow to grow. You don’t need too much maintenance with this plant.
  • Ferns are small enough for urban gardens, and they can provide coverage for unsightly patches in your yard.
  • Onions and spinach can grow together, and you can plant them in pots without any problem.

It is important to have greenery in your home, both as an aesthetic and as an air purifier. You will see a significant difference in the air quality in your home once your plants start growing. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and grow so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time tending to your urban garden.