June 10, 2023

What are the Most Common Types of Roof Repair for Water Damage?

No matter what type of roof system you’ve installed, you’ll need to plan for roof repairs at some point. Roofs commonly need reconstructions for a large number of reasons. Sometimes, you’ve had your roof for an extended period, and essential wear and tear requires some form of repair. Harsh storms and earthquakes also create roof repair issues times, as do tree branches breaking and falling on a roof.

If you feel that your roof might need repair due to water damage, don’t worry. There are several reasons why your roof might require assistance. We’ll cover below some of the most common reasons you might need a roof repair. That way, if you notice your roof experiencing any of these types of issues, you can address the issue immediately, before it becomes a significant problem.

Ponding Waters on Your Roof

One primary reason for roof repair is pooling water, which is typical that occurs more typically with flat roofs. However, sloping roofs can still experience pooling water issues. When water starts accumulating on the surface of a roof, it can cause significant damage if it fails to drain. Water commonly pools on a roof when the roof isn’t designed correctly, or the roof is experiencing excessive wear and tear issues.

Before repairing the roof, you’ll need to figure out why you have water pooling on your roof. By addressing the reason why water is pooling, you’ll then be able to reach out to an expert and ask for a repair.

There are a few common reasons why water might be pooling in areas on your roof. For example, you could have an HVAC unit that doesn’t have a condensate drain line. Without that, you’re more likely to get pooling water. Another common problem is the proper maintenance of the drain system itself. If you don’t maintain your drains well, your drain might have debris blocking certain areas, meaning the water is blocked and cannot drain, so it pools on your roof.

After you figure out the reason for the ponding water on your roof, a roof technician can assist you with a fix. An expert roof technician would also be able to assess the issue and run the cause of the pooling water by you before any repairs.

Roof Leaks

Roofs experience leak problems for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, if flashing fails to connect correctly during the roof installation process, then you’re roof is built-up. Unfortunately, built-up roofs are much more likely to leak. Bitumen roofs can also leak when there isn’t a well-developed moisture barrier below the coping cap as well.

Excess moisture can also penetrate a roof over time, through simple wear and tear. That usually happens when there isn’t sufficient head laps and backwater laps in the roof. If leaks and blisters continue to occur with a roof, the roof will eventually totally fail. So, if you notice a leak or a blister, it’s time to talk to a roof technician and assess the issue so that you can repair it. That way, you’ll not only save your roof, you’ll also likely save thousands of dollars.