April 24, 2024

What Is The Best Way To Select Storage Space When Moving?

The time between moving dates is confusing, to say the least. When you have just moved out of your home, and you have a couple of days left before you move into your new one, you might want temporary storage space for all your belongings.

Sometimes, when you are moving from one state to another, you might need someplace to store the items you use less often. No matter what the situation is, storing bulky furniture, old clothes, old boxes from the attic, unused gym gear or even a boat requires a safe and secure place.

Short term storage can help you store your excess items for three months or less. While searching for a storage unit you should consider both the storage time and the things you will be saving. The same place that offers storage of hardware and other non-valuable items cannot guarantee the safekeeping of a piano.

Depending on the value and type of your belongings, you should consider the different short-term storage options in your locality

How to decide which storage option is right for you?

Duration: The primary factor you need to consider is the storage space you need for the period. Most moving and storage services offer a variety of storage rental unit sizes. It is better to make an inventory of your belongings you want to move to the container before you begin packing for the relocation.

Making a list of items you want to store temporarily will give you a gross idea of how much space you will need.

Space: Renting a storage space that is a bit too big is not as much of a problem as hiring a space that is too small to store all your belongings. You don’t want to leave pieces of furniture or lighting fixtures behind merely due to the lack of storage space. You can take the help of an online storage size calculator to find out how much space will be sufficient for your belongings.

Purpose: The choice of your storage unit may vary depending upon your purpose. You may want to select a unit that gives you easy access, or you may want one that offers long-term storage at bargain rates. People renovating their homes will have storage needs that are different from those relocating to a new home. In the case of the latter, you might want to stow a few things away.

Accessibility: Items in storage can include old dining tables, armoire or boxes in the attic that contains the old family photos. You can store them away from home since they are not parts of your daily necessities.

At the same time, if you are planning on storing multiple bulky boxes, you might want to ensure that the storage space allows drive-up storage access for easy loading and unloading.

How is full-service storage beneficial for movers?

A full-service storage container is ideal for those looking for long-term storage options. Most full-service companies offer comprehensive storage and indexing services for their clients.

Many of them have company databases that store an updated list of the items in storage. They also provide pick-up and delivery services. They allow their clients to schedule pickups and deliveries over the phone or through online requests. 

Hiring them can give you access to photographs of the items inside the storage unit, so you always have a clue as to which items you need to pick and where to find them.

Most importantly, you will never face the risk of forgetting which things are at home and which ones are at the storage. Although full-service storage options are costlier than self-storage options, these offer comprehensive services to all clients ready to move across state borders. They also have CCTV coverage on their premises that provides enhanced security to all clients.

Who should check out self-storage services?

Self-storage services are popular and budget-friendly. You can choose between storehouses or containers that can give you a pocket-friendly way to store your excess items.

Get a quote here from reliable and reputable storage services in town. However, you will have to deliver the items to the storage unit all by yourself and make the inventory too.

Most customers face the problem of indexing the articles and updating the list of belongings they have in the storage units. They are usually safe and secure since most of them have on-premise surveillance options too.

They are the most affordable ways to store small knick knacks and larger items like tables, wardrobes, and boats for most homeowners. While using a self-storage service, do not forget to label the containers carefully since you will be the only one responsible for keeping track of all items in there.

What should you check before renting a storage unit?

All storage units are not equal. Many new users are not aware of the different factors they need to consider while choosing their storage facility. While assessing the various storage options, you need to consider a few key elements –

i. Climate control

ii. Security and number of locks

iii. Accessibility options (24-hours access for renters)

iv. Different sizes and their rental charges

v. Contracts or documentation offered

vi. In-person surveillance and computerized surveillance

vii. Lighting options during the daytime and night

viii. The online reviews from other users

ix. Insurance and refunding opportunities

x. Lease renewal options

Sometimes, moving can be harrowing, primarily when someone undertakes the task all by themselves. Moving across state borders can take more time than you had stipulated.

Therefore, you must always ensure that you have the necessary storage space to keep the lesser-used items safely for a while. This period of storage can increase beyond the period you have estimated. That is why it is imperative to ensure the flexibility or extensibility of your short-term storage rental lease.

Renting the right storage unit with proper climate control, security and accessibility can take away a considerable part of your headache during moving.

When you are ready to move your items out of the storage units, you can hire movers and packers to complete the task in a safe and timely manner.