September 30, 2023

10 expert tips to keep your carpet clean

Carpet is one of the biggest investments in your home. The carpet is perfect for cushioning our footsteps, reducing slips and falls. Carpet can be used for safety purposes as well. Carpet replacement is an expensive process, as a result, to avoid such kind of damage keep your carpet clean and free of dirt, stains, and dust. Below we have mentioned some tips on how you can keep your carpet neat and clean.

1)Select The Right Carpet For The Room

While selecting the carpet for your choose make sure to choose a carpet that is durable long-lasting and can easily be cleaned. The shaggy carpet for your living room carpets that you saw in a showroom looks fantastic but it may not be practical. For high traffic areas choose a carpet that is made out of nylon because nylon will be much easier to clean and is also very durable. If you choose a shaggy carpet for your home and lay in a living room this might seem very stylish but when it comes to cleaning it is not an easy task because shaggy carpets attract more dust and stains.

2) Vaccum It

Dust and dirt wear down the carpet fibers over time. As a result, you must vacuum the high traffic areas on weekly basis. Quickly vacuuming the high traffic areas can increase the life of your carpet. While you vacuum your carpet make sure to use overlapping strokes to avoid it from damage or else if you vacuum it at a very high speed there is a chance that it can damage the fibers of the carpet. However, vacuuming it too much has negative consequences as a result you should only vacuum twice a week.

3)Avoid Chemical Cleaners

If you are cleaning your carpet with cleaners try to avoid them because cleaners that contain chemicals can damage the fibers of your carpet. If you have small children in your home avoid using synthetic cleaners on the carpet as these types of cleaners are very harmful and along with that, it damages the carpet on the micro-level and will add to their deterioration.

4)Treat Stains As Quickly As Possible

The longer the stains are set the harder it is to remove. As soon as the spill occurs make sure to take quick action before the stain settles down. There are ways to remove the stains from your carpet. Make sure you always blot the stain instead of just rubbing it because rubbing the stain can cause more damage to your carpet. Use white paper or a towel to blot the stains.

5)Remove Your Shoes Outside

Stop wearing the shoes when you are inside your house. Always remove your shoes outside the house. The shoes that you wear inside the house can trap the dirt and that dirt can transfer into the carpet when you walk on them and the carpet acts like a magnet, collecting everything you track and transferring it all on your carpet.

6)Stop Dirt And Grime At The Floor

The easiest way to keep your carpet clean is by keeping dirt and grime from getting on them in the first place. Be protective and you can utilize doormats. If you put doormats outside your house there will a less chance that any member of your family can bring dirt along with their shoes. Use doormats that work together to reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your house. Tell any member of your family to wipe their shoes off on the doormat before entering a house.

7)Add Carpet Protection

Adding a rug on top of your carpet that gets a lot of footfall will help keep your carpet clean. Your rugs will require cleaning as well but taking up deep cleaning of a rug is easier rather than deep cleaning the whole carpet.

8)Replace Filters And Bags Regularly

Whether your vacuum is upright, keeping it in good working order will help keep your carpets cleaner for longer. Make sure that you change your filter bag regularly. If you forget to change your vacuum could lose suction and fail to effectively pick up dirt.


Carpets are a necessity, especially during winter times. Proper cleaning and regular vacuuming can help you in keeping the carpet clean and make them last for a longer period. Above we have mentioned some tips on how you can keep your carpet clean.