April 24, 2024

5 Facts that You Shouldn’t Miss About the Sisal Rugs

Do you already own a Sisal rug or in a process of procuring one? Knowing more about this amazing natural fibre floorings and how it can enhance and add value to your home décor, is always helpful and worthwhile.

Let us quickly take you through some of the astounding facts about Sisal carpet to get started.

  1. They work beautifully well for almost every location: Sisal rugs are naturally rustic and earthly in their make-up, hence, they work equally well under different types of setups. From staircase, living room, porch to the bedroom, conference hall or study, they effortlessly augment the space they are placed in (except kitchen and bathroom as moisture is bad for the fabric).  
  2. So, no matter you are trying to pull off a traditional or contemporary look- A Sisal is your go-to option.

  3. Eco-friendly: We all know that Sisal is a plant-based fibre, but did you know that it came from Catus plant? It actually comes from a variety called Agave Sisalana and is totally sustainable. So, if you are from the green brigade and looking for an eco-friendly floor cover options for your place, you can’t have a better choice than going for the sisal rugs.  
  4. Since the fibre is naturally produced,  non-renewable resources like coal or natural gases are not used in their manufacturing process. Also, they are 100% biodegradable so you do not have to worry about the disposal plan post they wear out- the fabric will disintegrate into its structural elements on its own.

  5. Easy to maintain: Sisal carpet is probably easiest to maintain as all you need for its upkeep is the regular vacuuming session. Also, if you got some spills, just take a sponge or clean cloth to blot it immediately. As a precaution, you should keep your sisal rugs away from the moisture as this can damage the building fabric.
  6. In an eventuality of stain, use a mild cleanser (recommended for sisal fibre) to remove it and dry the treated area with the help of a hairdryer.

  7. Durable: Sisal is highly resilient and can take a high degree of rough treatment with absolute ease- No wonder, it is extensively used in high traffic zones. The sisal fabric is not much soft like other available options and hence, is a good choice for homes with kids and pets.

  8. Use them with rug pads for increased life: Although a sisal rug is highly durable, yet by using rug pads, you can extend the life of your favourite carpet even further.
  9. A pad can enhance comfort and convenience. Also, it will prevent the rug from getting displaced from its spot due to heavy footfall- something very common in busy offices or the homes buzzing with kids.

Now that you know more of the sisal carpet, you can pick up a few points to make most out of this amazing floor covering option.