June 10, 2023

How to Make Your Garden Cozy for the Whole Family

When it comes to gardens, size does matter. If you own a large piece of land, then landscape planning should be a walk in the park, literally. However, smaller spaces can also look majestic and they can serve as a refuge for all the family members. This can be achieved in a way that everybody will have enough room to enjoy the greenery. You just have to keep in mind these simple points.

Trees can become benches

It is nice to be able to have trees if your garden is big enough. At first glance, they might seem as a disturbance in smaller gardens, as they occupy a lot of space. However, this can be used to your advantage. Instead of wasting space on benches, why not use the tree trunk as the backrest. The bench could make a full circle around the tree or just a semi-circle. It too can be made from wood to better fit the surroundings.

Building a treehouse

Most families decide to create a garden space because of their youngest members. Building a tree house is every child’s dream come true. It doesn’t have to be way up the canopy; a small elevation will do just fine. You can make up for the simplicity of design by painting it in vivid colors.

Green grass

The garden is that one place in your home where you are in touch with nature. Trees, flowers, and vines are all nice, but you need full coverage. That is why it is very important to well maintain the grassy surface or plant one if you don’t have it already. This might seem logical, but many people let their gardens become barren after a while and lose all the greenness. Then they are no longer considered gardens, are they?

Seaside atmosphere

A garden can never substitute a beach house, but it can come pretty close to it. Make sure the garden is always being used, that is, there are friends and family in it enjoying themselves. Throw barbecues or organize family gatherings. If you place sand on the ground you can even make a real beach party there.

Protection against the sun

Anyone living in the scorching Australian sun will tell you that the shade of a tree is not protective enough. This is why the majority of residents of the Land Down Under install outdoor pergolas in their gardens. Especially popular are patio awnings in Sydney, where summer temperatures linger at 35 degrees Celsius. Although there should be plenty of sunlight in your garden, direct sunlight is not at all desirable. When installing awnings, keep in mind that you can opt for retractable ones with a folding arm, which will come in handy during the winter months with less sunlight. 

A swing or a hammock

Who said swings are only for children? Everyone likes to swing, so that is why you should definitely put one in your garden if you have a tree. It can be simple as a rubber tire, or you can buy or make one out of wood. Additionally, you can install a hammock as well and use it for mild swinging in addition to lounging in it.

A vegetable garden

No matter how small your plot is, you can always delegate a few square meters for a vegetable garden. They can be raised in beds of wooden plank bordering, for aesthetic and practical reasons. Once you put hummus in, you can plant any vegetable you want. This way you will always have fresh vegetables ready at hand. Over time, working this small patch of cultivated land will turn into your favorite hobby.

Comfortable chairs

We’ve mentioned benches before, but you are likely to have tables and chairs as well. These can sometimes be too crude and rough to sit in, or in one word: uncomfortable. Be aware of this, as back pain is not part of relaxation. Place cushions of have the chairs upholstered to maximize the pleasure.

Basically, all the points states here are rather easy to put into practice. They are here so you could get a piece of the mindset true gardeners have. Start by following these simple pieces of advice, but do think about all the other details you can add to your garden retreat.