May 19, 2024

Bruce Weber On Taking Photos in The Darkness

When the sun goes down and the shadows come to life, aspiring photographers lose their nerves to take photos. It is because, despite the starry sky, and the city light adorning the darkness of the night, one does not get the right edge to take photos all the time. Young photographers face more problems than veterans. Those who have experience in photography know the right moment and angle to take excellent photos at night. In fact, darkness adds a unique appeal to photos when captured right. However, despite the touch of mysticism, aspiring photographers still wait for the sun to rise so that they can have the support of light.

Bruce Weber On Nighttime Photography

Bruce Weber a veteran photographer with years of experience has a different view on nighttime photos. Bruce says that photographers should not be choosy. Everyone does not have the luxury of waiting for the right time to take photos. Sometimes the time gets selected without the consent of the photographers. When someone is taking photos for magazines, one will have to adhere to the will of the magazine editors. If they want a nighttime photograph, the photographer must take the photos at night. Choice does not present itself all the time, says Bruce. During his long career as a photographer, Bruce has taken a great many photos at night. His photos have been featured in various magazines, Vogue included. He knows about the challenges one may go through while taking photos at night. 

Bruce has a diverse career which gives him a lot of experience to offer a tutorial. He has coached the basketball team of Kansas State. However, he has retired and now focuses on photography only. Bruce has also written a lot of books to help young photographers. He knows what one goes through when getting started in the photography industry. Here he imparts a little knowledge about nighttime photography for a magazine.

It All Depends On The Location

Nighttime photography may unnerve a lot of people. But night has its appeal and depth. Bruce says when someone is asked to do a photoshoot in darkness, one needs to pay attention to the location first. Without picking a location, one will not be able to plan the photoshoot. Before getting started, one needs to get prepared for all the obstacles darkness will bring. This allows one to take photos without facing many problems.

It Takes a Long Time

Capturing that moment when everything looks perfect for a magazine cover is not easy. It takes a long time to get to that moment. One needs to take a great many photos to come that particular one. A photographer is an artist behind a camera. Therefore, the photographer needs to be patient when taking photos. One must be prepared to spend hours outside to capture that perfect moment.  According to Bruce Weber, sometimes even with lights it gets quite difficult to focus on the subject. To prevent this type of problem one needs to bring a flashlight. He says although it is not advisable to use flashlights while on a shoot, there are times when flashlights come as lifesavers.