May 19, 2024

Industrial Doors Toronto, Hamilton

Industrial Doors are the leaders in installation and servicing of commercial doors, loading docks, and other facility equipment in the GTA. The best way to obtain to know Industrail Doors Toronto, Hamilton commercial overhead door & dock levelers company is to explore the work they do for their clients. This technical expertise applies across markets and service lines. Property Managers should consider several products for their facility from parking garages. They have become extremely skilled in the installation and service of all industrial overhead door products. Supply and installation are available for any industry.

All Industrial Overhead Door Products

  • Bug Screen Doors 

Bug Screen Doors help keep out bugs, debris while providing ventilation and security.  This acts as an add-on solution to your existing overhead door system, using your present door’s vertical tracks. An alternative to spraying harmful chemicals around your dock are bug screen provide the best in pest control. Also available is powder coating, motor operated and dual-track installations.

  • Fire Rated Doors 

Commercial  fire rated doors are  the most reliable on the market. They provide superior fire protection and fast egress from any building. Protecting your personnel and equipment is priority number 1, they add yearly fire inspections.

High-Speed Doors come in various different designs, with the circular spiral being the standard solution, boasting the fastest opening/closing times for applications such as automotive, distribution centers, food & beverage and much more.

There are several different types of commercial specialty doors that offer advantages and serve certain needs. Commercial specialty doors are used in a vast array of industries, for instance, pass doors are used when space is limited and acts as a standard entry door.

Wilcox Door offers the highest quality of Insulated Sectional Doors in the market, mainly supplying the Thermatite and Alumatite product line.

Rolling steel doors are designed and constructed to answer the demands for durability and security for today’s customers. Rolling steel doors come in endless options and ideal applications such as industrial manufacturing facilities, government facilities, food and beverage, climate-controlled facilities and much more.

Cooler and Freezer doors are used when you want to maintain environmental control for foods or other industrial material. These doors offer fast operation and superior sealing capabilities to be cost-efficient.

Ø  High-Speed Doors

These high-speed pharmaceutical-grade doors are designed specifically to meet the operational and hygienic needs of pharmaceutical facilities around the world.

Ø  Direct Safe Drive Door Operator

Typical overhead doors are not uncommon for high-cycle facilities to replace the springs once or twice per year. A direct safe drive operator is spring-less, therefore reducing future service costs.