May 19, 2024

Prettiest House In The Block : 5 Remodeling Tips From Experts

We all tend to focus on redesigning and upgrading the inside of the house, but to give your home some ‘curb appeal’ you should opt for some renovating of the outside too. Not only will your house become the prettiest but the renovation will definitely increase its value.

Below we have listed the top 5 remodelling tips from experts on how to make your home the fairest on the block.


The quickest way to give your house a facelift is to repaint it. If you want a design which will stand the test of time and trend, you should opt for neutral colour schemes. Of course, you could choose one colour to repaint all walls, but that will not be as effective as combining two or three different hues or colours. Repainting your house in a lighter shade and adding darker paint to edges or details, gives more visual interest to the design.

Also, before you set to repainting the walls, scrub the walls if need be and seal all the cracks.

Update windows

Apart from painting, updating your windows is an important aspect of exterior remodelling. As they are not merely a decoration but a vital part of your home’s insulation, you have to be sure that they are well-coated but also grazed to perfection. Experts suggest fixing your windows as long as possible especially if they are made from older wood.

However, if you have to replace them, find a better alternative than wood, as the quality of wood grown today is lowered significantly. For example, vinyl can be a sound choice as it is inexpensive in comparison to its effects.

Check the roof

Walls and windows are the first things to notice on a house, but the roof will draw negative attention if it isn’t in its top form. A good clean-up will give you a better estimate of how much work does it really require. If the problems are more than just cosmetic, like heating and water leaking problems, you should get an estimate and either repair parts or renovate the whole roof.

Choosing your roofing material is never an easy decision. Thus you might want to save up and get asphalt shingles or rather choose clay tiles which insulate and require little assistance. Then again you might opt for a slate roof, which is waterproof and fireproof but requires professional help when setting up.

Set up garden

After you have taken care of the house itself, it is time to arrange its surroundings more. A beautiful garden, with its colours and senses, will prove to be the cherry on top of your design. Having a great lawn gives a clean and fresh look to a property but doesn’t necessarily catches one’s eye. Sectioning out parts of your lawn and creating interesting mixtures of shrubs and flowers in them, is more likely to induce a reaction.

To create more cohesion, you can choose dominant colours, not only for your plants but for pots and pathways too. Let them complement your home and make it more inviting than the rest of the design could.

Remodelling shouldn’t be undertaken without some serious thought first. But it will be the best way to make your house stand out as the best-looking one. Good maintenance will go a long way so choose carefully between materials and whether you should DIY it or let the experts take over. The easiest way to make a drastic change with relatively small amount of money is to repaint your house. With opting for two colours instead of one, you can change the design from nice to great.

Renovating your windows will update house’s functionality as well as its style. Likewise, the roof may come at the cost that will not only raise your current listing but also save you from roof troubles in the foreseeable future. Making slight changes to your garden, like organizing flowerbeds, brings more interest to the whole property.