May 19, 2024

Think Outside the Box: Choosing the Right Home Exterior Colour

The roof may be on top of the house, but it still has a décor value as part of the exterior design. When you decide to renovate, coordinating the roof with the façade colour will be essential for exterior design. Painting your house in the right shade will give you comfort when you come home, raise the value of your property if you decide to cell and beautify your neighbourhood.

Therefore, observe painting your house as an art project and look at some of these suggestions that will help you with that.

1.     Classics always work

You may think that classic styles are boring, but they’re actually the safest way to go. Additionally, they are proven to look great and you can always add some detail that will make it your own.

Paint the window frames and rails in white, while choosing the bright colour for the façade as well. It can be warmer beige or lighter brown, which will accent the hominess of the property. Choose the door in the natural wood colour a bit darker than the façade, and add some rustic lanterns on its side for details.

2.     Use an accent shade

White is pretty much the simplest choice for the façade. While it’s an all-time classic, it can also make your house look a little bit ordinary. But don’t worry, there is a very simple solution for that which will help you wake up the loveliness of your interior design. The perfect way to modernise your white façade is to choose the accent shade for the shutters, window frames or doors.

The colour depends on what you’d like, but any darker than the façade will work well. Gray is the safest choice, while lavender will bring out the sophistication. You can even use two colours – one for the door and the other one for the shutters. In that case, keep the window frames white so you wouldn’t overwhelm the structure with colour. Blue doors with dusty purple shutters will give a dreamy atmosphere to the house, while red and yellow will draw out the joyfulness.

3.     Use materials’ natural colours

This year, it’s about nature and how to adapt your home to look closer to it. Therefore, using natural material and their colours as they are will highlight that perfectly. You don’t have to use these materials on the whole façade, but rather as the features of certain part of the house.

Use different shapes of bricks to create a mosaic for a specific wall section, like on the patio for example. Choose grey and beige hues of stone mixed together to create an interesting texture you can pair with some potted plants and outdoor dining set. Wooden beams in darker and warm brown will create a harmonious environment with the grey façade. Just make sure that you keep the ratio of both surfaces as even as possible so they would complement each other, and not clash against one another.

4.     Use the roof as a feature

If you leave your comfort zone, you can have Brighton, Moscow, Barcelona, or Sydney retractable roof systems and designs no matter where you live. sydney It’s not a secret that Gaudi’s roofs will turn your home into a fairytale castle or glass ones will bring the outdoors in. Nevertheless, if you coordinate it with the rest of your home you can make it an interesting piece of the house.

For example, clay tiles and their natural earthy hue goes great with brick or wooden houses, while natural slate is something that would bring out the rustic charm with its grey, orange and reddish shades. You can always paint your roof in the same colour as the rails, window frames and doors. However, make sure that you don’t create a boring combination that will diminish the aesthetic appearance of your home.


Think about the colours you like and what would satisfy your inner taste. Match the exterior design of your home with its surroundings, like garden, fence and landscaping. Including these features can help you a great deal in deciding the colours and their coordination. If unsure, always go for the natural hues since they are the safest choice and never go out of style. Just make sure you add some of your personal touches to complement the exterior design of your home.