December 1, 2023

Things to Consider Before Building a Granny Flat

Originally the notion behind the Granny Flat style home was that it was to help an elderly relative to live independently whilst having the family on hand, living in two properties on the same patch of land. This idea of a quaint property coincided with a different approach to house building which many have looked to, including the tiny house movement. The result of all of this is that more and more people are looking at building a Granny Flat either on their own property or on patches of land which they have bought or are looking to buy. When it comes to these Granny flats Melbourne has really lead the way here in Australia and there is nowhere else where they have taken off quite as well.

If building a Granny Flat is something that you’ve had your heart set on, here is what to first consider.


Although we have seen a surge in the number o Granny flats which are being built, there is still a tough process in getting the approval to build such a property. Thankfully we are seeing more planning policies introduced which are set to increase the number of approvals which people are getting. Although in terms of home builders Melbourne has a number of companies who have experience in the building of Granny flats, they also are well versed in the approval process which can often take a long time to come through, this is something which is vital to consider before making concrete plans.

Creative Sizes

Should you get the approval which you wanted and you get to the design stage you are going to have to ensure that you are super creative with space? What a Granny flat is able to offer is a minimalist way of living but that is not to say that you shouldn’t expect to maximize the space as best as you can. Officially speaking a Granny flat must be under 60sqm, but that is not to say that you cannot add a porch and perhaps even a carport on to the property, giving a larger property but not flouting the regulations set by the state. Within the property, you have to find ways of creating multi-use fixtures and playing with light to offer the illusion of additional space.


There are a number of myths surrounding the building of Granny flats which you should learn to ignore before your build. Things like not being able to rent these buildings out, not being able to secure financing or that it has to be attached to the main dwelling, these are all untrue and therefore you need to learn to banish them from your mind and just follow your heart.


Once you have design and approval you should invest time and effort into finding the perfect construction team for your build. There are many who will specialize in this area and they are usually the best people to work with. You need to feel confident from the construction team which you decide to work with, and you also need to feel confident that they will deliver on time and on budget. A Granny flat is a great option for simple living and you are going to be very happy in your new little home.