September 30, 2023

Tips For Getting Your Kitchen Ready For Summer

Summer is already with us and, it’s a fact that we are on the bad side of the longest day (where nights draw in more quickly). However, since in Wimbledon we are optimists, it’s only right that we focus on the positive. Cricket is on and with school summer holidays, marks the official start of summer. Well, that being said, you may want to get your kitchen ready for the season, to ensure you really enjoy what this warm season has to offer. Get a Farnham architect quote, or a quote from wherever you live, and see how you can improve your kitchen for the summer season.

Keep Things Cool

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen in an ideal condition is to think about the freezer and the refrigerator as well. The fridge is the obvious starting point, so why not start by updating it? There is a huge array of choices in the market today that you will be surprised on the number of styles, including contemporary, sleek and even retro. There is also a wide range of colours if you find traditional white too common. Regardless of the design and style of your kitchen, you will certainly come across a refrigerator to match. Given it is summer season, you’ll want to be smart and purchase one with an in-built ice machine. This is exactly what you need to cool those summer drinks.

Give the Kitchen a New Look with Light Colours

Your budget may not allow for an entirely new kitchen, but there is a lot you can do in order to give it a refreshing look, one that particularly matches summer. This can be as simple as picking colourful utensils to coasters and table mats that have floral patterns, which will complement your space and give it a summer vibe. Refreshing your kitchen’s look does not have to be costly. Just adding a few touches of colour, given it is light and bright will certainly create that ideal summer vibe.

Brighten Up the Space

As mentioned above, brightening the kitchen shows that you are really ready for summer. It’s also an excellent way of making your kitchen feel like summer throughout the year. Picking a design that’s sleek and with crisp lines will certainly make the kitchen feel bigger. The same can also be achieved by introducing more light, whether artificial or natural. You can also introduce outdoor elements to the indoors. If you have a kitchen that gets plenty of natural light, then having a garden on the window sill is an excellent design idea. Thyme, basil, and mint are all examples of excellent additions that will make your summer meals extra tasty. What’s even better is that these herbs do not grow too high.

Introduce New Units to Your Kitchen

If you want to fully revamp your kitchen space, summery and bright colours will certainly help create a space that’s ready for summer. However, this can be too bold for some people’s taste and tend to lean to a more subtle and understated look. Well, if that sounds like you, just know all is not lost. There are numerous design choices that will give your kitchen a new taste and one that’s not only ideal for summer, but for all other seasons. If you are looking for a subtle look, you can never go wrong with white. White gloss acrylic units aren’t the only solution, but they are an excellent one. Gloss white cabinets will help make your kitchen look more spacious and will ideally reflect natural light.

Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen

Another means of getting your kitchen ready for summer is by doing a thorough late spring clean. Deep cleaning the kitchen and rotating appliances and crockery does a lot in giving the space a fresh look. If you plan on entertaining your friends and relatives during summer, you may want to check out The Great British Summer – BBQ Ideas for Inside and Out. You will get many tips for summer entertainment and plenty of other ways to ensure your kitchen is ready for summer. As you can see, there are several simple ways to give your kitchen a new look and make it ideal for all your summer needs.