May 19, 2024

What to do if a potential buyer’s credit score is too low

As a realtor, nothing can compare to the rush you get from quality leads. From the open house to handing the keys over to a home’s new owners, the final close is what day job dreams are made of. But what should you do when you the perfect, ready-to-sign buyer is missing only one necessary component – a good credit score?! This guide helps explain how to convert quality leads with low credit scores into a new dream deal in less time than you may think.

Refer your client to a credit enhancing company

Selling homes is your specialty, so why not let the credit professionals do what they know the best? Credit coaching! Help your clients potentially improve their credit score by guiding them over to companies like ScoreShuttle. ScoreShuttle has the latest credit-enhancing technology built to help identify potential areas of improvements on a client’s credit report. Their first-of-its-kind software challenges credit-crushing errors to help your clients potentially achieve the numbers they need, fast!

Get in early

When you become a realtor, not only are you helping someone find or sell their home, but you’re also building a reputation within the community. Doesn’t everyone want to be the hero that helps others reach their goals? One satisfied client is likely to spread the word to other folks in their network – and those friends and family may be looking to buy a home in the near future. Even if a potential client’s credit score isn’t where it needs to be at now, you can guide them to ScoreShuttle sooner rather than later to improve their chances of qualifying for a home and coming back to you when they’re ready.