June 10, 2023

Tips and tricks to improve your air conditioner performance

Maintaining your air conditioner to run effectively is not only a matter of relief. It could prove to be a matter of security and wellbeing. In this article, we will be discussing air conditioner maintenance tips.

Five air conditioner maintenance tips

Test the drain line

The AC system in your house needs to drain excess dampness from the condenser. This drain line can block from algae build-up. You can take specific preventive ac unit maintenance tips by flushing the line on a regular basis by using a small quantity of bleach. One cup would be sufficient to get the job done. If algae or mold has often plugged the line, a basic vacuum cleaner could usually suck away the obstruction.

Changing the air filters

Your HVAC units come with air filters to catch pet hair, dirt, and other pollutants. These air filters stop those pollutants from interfering with your unit’s performance.

With time, those filters become filthy or clogged. An air filter full of filth can frequently cause icing on your air conditioning system, which pushes the system harder than required.

Remove the plants and shrubs

Your AC system requires freely flowing air to operate correctly. Since flowers, beds, grass, or weeds grow around the machine, they hinder the airflow. Once more, this pushes the AC unit harder than required.

Book professional air conditioner maintenance in Palatine

Many things you cannot inevitably notice might go wrong with an AC system. A skilled technician can figure out these things, incorporating mechanical components, duct integrity, coolant levels, or electrical components. Having air conditioner maintenance in Palatine once or twice a year ensures that your AC remains effective for as long as feasible.

Good DIY maintenance ensures correct airflow and drainage. A programmable thermostat ensures you do not push the system more than required.

Expert AC maintenance allows you to understand that the electrical and mechanical components still function correctly.

Install a programmable thermostat

Many individuals leave their AC turned on the whole day, cooling an empty home or cottage. Others just forget to set the thermostat before going out of the house. This shortens the lifespan of the AC system and costs you money.

A programmable thermostat eliminates the human component. You just program the thermostat for the temperatures you want at several times of the day. You save money and increase the effective functioning life of the system.

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